Oct 5, 2006

I've just switched to 1.09b cause no synergys=more possible builds=more fun imo.
but I do have some questions about 1.09:
- are there items that cannot drop? (heard something like that in 1.07)
- is there RRM for 1.09?(couldn't find it in the faq...)

if anyone would answer them/tell some other things i should know, I'd greatly appreciate that!

All items can drop in 1.09, though the TC's are arranged a little differently, but it was fixed from 1.07.

The RRM that is freely available will work with 1.09 (not 100% sure if it causes some display bugs though, it does in 1.07).
don't listen to grogs ;) Constricting ring is .. quite a rare find back then. Personally I don't believe that less synergies = more builds but the other way around.

In .09 you can build a melee pally who is both a zealot and a avenger, in .10 you would more than likely do 1 char for each. each patch has its good and bad points .. except any mac patchs as you need a mac for that ..

I don't think that the RRM transfers how it should, I was able to get a specially made one for .09 from a trusted member "somewhere else"

you should know that boss packs of stygian dolls with auras and MSLE are one of the most things in .09, go kill em all!

pindle or the other A5SU will give you any non cow king grail item including the legendary azurewrath crystal sword and ravenclaw long bow.

.09 is "more fun" in some ways though.

good luck on the tc90 items though. I can't remember how a .09 stormspire vs .10 tyreals find goes but they are both the hardest for their respective patches.
could you sent that 1.09 RRM to me please, if you still have it, the normal gives huge display errors....
e-mail is moiselvus (at) gmail (dot) com

Tim would know... he has 1000 characters in every version imaginable going at the same time, whilst similtaneously rushing for nigma.. hey timmeh :p
There are many many elite uniques that did not exist before 1.10. If you don´t count jewelry, there are only 19 elite uniques in 1.09, compared to 104 in v1.10.

Most of the items in the seven class-specific sets are much less impressive in 1.09.
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