1.09 Wb Q


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Jun 23, 2003
1.09 Wb Q

I have turned my attention to the Druid at the moment and have started a 1.09 Solo Werebear. I usually finish the game at about clvl 82 or so and that gives me 93 skill points to assign. With prereqs and Maxing Lycanthropy, WB and Maul, that gives me 31 points to split up between Fire Claws, Hunger and Shock Wave. I think Hunger will take up 10 skill points but I'm not sure what to do about the rest. I'm leaning toward maxing Fire Claws, to help with PI's, using the lightsaber and having a Holy Freeze Merc. What is the general opinion on 1.09 Fire Claws, Hunger and Shock wave?
never used any of those skills in 1.09. but fireclaws it too weak to be useful. your best PI killer would be high elem damage on switch. baranars star and tiamats rebuke are the generally used setup.
never used hunger with the big dmg u'll do even a small amount of leech will keep you alive and kicking.
shockwave could be useful but depending on you +skills bout slvl 10 should be fine. so say 5 hard points here should make the stun useable
your best bet for those points would be getting a grizzly(only 1 pnt) to help tank, maxing out heart of wolverine and swapping your merc for might.
then just learn how to combat cast your grizzly and you should do fine

my god the forums are slow today. nobody is posting
Thanx corax, I don't have to decide what skills to use for a little while yet. As a solo werebear I'm only using the Shape Shifting tree, but a big hairy tank would be nice.
ok so if your going pure shifting i recommend maxing shockwave. the stun will make you unhurtable. then probably the rest to hunger. with enough damage and a high enough slvl you'll be leeching back an awesome amount of life. and everyone loves to bite things.
iirc the stun length doesn't display the actual stun duration, and i think it stops somewhere between half listed and 3 seconds.

often with 09 druids people chose between HoW and Oak for a spirit to help them out, the wearwolfs going with oak for the extra life and the bears going with the HoW. bears have a lot of +life% skills but not as much on the ar/damage side.

in .09 spirits were bugged and didn't give any additional boost past lvl 20.

dont forget the dragoon's site for shapeshifting druids.

oh, and elemental wands also worked well for PIs in 09
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