1.09 cubing Q


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Jun 23, 2003
1.09 cubing Q

I was reading prefixes and suffixes and item level info for jewels and looking up the Ruby Jewel of Fervor. The info says that the clvl has to be at least 37 to cube it and the mlvl has to be at least 27 to drop it. So once a character is 37 and if you have a jewel ilvl 27 or better, and several million pgems, you could roll a mythical 40/15. The question is does the ilvl of the jewel change the probability? Am I more likely to roll a 40/15 using a ilvl 27 jewel, the minimum, or a ilvl 95 one?
I'm not too sure, its been awhile, but i thought you needed a ilvl of at least... 58? for the ruby (ED) prefix. The ruby (fire res) prefix had a lower requirement, i wonder if you've mixed it up?

Character level doesn't matter for cubing, only for crafting. A clvl 1 fella with the right ilvl jewel could also cube that ruby of fervor.

From some research i did ages ago, i believe 'ruby' is either the highest ilvl prefix, or at least among the top 3.

That means there's negligible difference in probabilty among all the jewels that can spawn the prefix, so just go for jewel dropped by a high mlvl monster. :D
Hmm, you have me at a loss to know where you found the numbers 37 and 27.

The Ruby prefix on jewels has two important numbers, 58 and 66.
58 is the level you have to be to use it - this has nothign to do with rolling it though.
66 is its alvl, which means it will only spawn on jewels of ilvl 66 or more.

Otherwise, as chaos says, Ruby is the highest mod that can spawn on a jewel so going higher makes no difference to the odds. All that matters is that the ilvl of the jewel you start with is at least 66.
I found the info on the LOD Encylopedia v1.06, 1.06 refers to the encylo not the game :uhhuh: , there have been some inconsistencies before but they've always been minor.

Edit: I found the data online. I liked the LOD Encylo too, I didn't have to get online to get info. Bloody dial-up!
Hmm, well, can only tell you it is quite wrong. Even in 1.07 it was rlvl = 58 and alvl = 66 for Ruby Jewels (the %ed type).
I got it. There is a typo in the database.

Prefix Damage mlvl needed
Rusty +11-20% 11
Realgar +21-30% 43
Ruby +31-40% 16 NOT 66

I thought it seem a bit low for such a good item. :lol:
a rusty jewel has a clvl req of 9 to use, good for low level twinking/lld (send them to me :p )
Not to shoot you down but you know the chances of cubing one are not that good... Hope you are lucky though. :)
D2Addict said:
Not to shoot you down but you know the chances of cubing one are not that good... Hope you are lucky though. :)
shhh! don't discourage him
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