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Mar 13, 2019
Welcome to the new superchest thread for versions 1.07-1.12!

In the past the SPF had a 1.07 superchest thread, a superchest thread for the most current patch as well as attempts to branch out to 1.08 and 1.09 that didn't quite take off. This time around all of the versions 1.07 to 1.12 will be consolidated into one compact thread.

Since I plan on creating a superchest info thread for the current patch in which the mechanics and current developments are explained I won't explain much about the way that superchests work in this thread but rather I will link to the info thread once it is completed.

Short History of Superchests

To begin I will give a short overview of superchests that isn't 100% accurate but encapsulates the history and appeal of superchests while giving a rough idea of what to expect from them:
It all began (in the times of patches 1.10f to 1.12) when three people independently posted screenshots of Ber runes that popped out of certain chests in Lower Kurast. People noticed that the items that came out of these chests together with the Ber rune were the same in each case and started to investigate this strange occurence. Soon it was discovered that the chests in question only had a limited amount, namely 65534, of drop 'patterns' and it was realized that because of this every superchest opened in Lower Kurast on the playersetting 7 had a chance of at least 1 in 65534 of dropping a Ber rune (which was quite high at the time).
Thus the hunt was on and people soon found that there were patterns that included other 'High Runes' (the name for runes Vex and up), thus making the superchests a popular target for anyone looking to make runewords such as Enigma, Infinity or Call to Arms.

Since then the Lower Kurast superchest runs have become one of the most prolific runs of Diablo 2 with them being one of the first targets people run when they are just starting to gear up.

Superchests in older Patches

While nowadays there aren't a lot of people that still play patches 1.10f to 1.12 there is still a large amount of time travelers that frequent 1.07, 1.08, 1.09 as well as the 1.10 betas 'a' and 's'. Each one of those patches has different superchest patterns and thus offers different possibilities for rune hunting (and usage, since runes have changed in use as well!).

The super chest patterns are determined by the drop mechanics of the game and within the same patch they only differ by the player setting and difficulty they were found on as well as the location the superchest was in. While 1.09 has the same rune drop chances as 1.08 the developers added the players command with 1.09 which means that it is the first patch in which one can run superchests (efficiently) at higher player settings. Previously the only way to run superchests at higher player settings was to run them in a TC/IP game which due to the overhead of hosting and joining the game turned out to be less efficient than running them on players 1.

On top of this change there used to be a bug in 1.07 that concerned the handling of the no drop chance on the player setting 1 which was fixed somewhere between 1.08 and 1.13 and could potentially change the drop patterns at players 1 from one patch to the next even if the rune drop chances remained the same. This is not very relevant for patches 1.09 to 1.13 since people usually run these chests at playersettings 3, 5 or 7 for a higher chance to find patterns of High Runes. However it should be kept in mind when posting players 1 patterns.

As a consequence of all of this it is reasonable to assume the following 'eras' of superchest patterns:
  • 1.07: The original expansion patch, shipped with LoD.
  • 1.08: The follow up to 1.07; it was live for only about two months on battle.net.
  • 1.09a/c/d: These patches introduced the players command.
  • 1.09b: This is the only patch in which the players command can be set to any value between 1 and 64 instead of the usual 1 to 8.
  • 1.10a-1.12: Rune drop chances were improved, powerful runewords were introduced and all runes could finally be cubed up to the next higher one.
  • 1.13a: This is a beta patch and acts as a transition between 1.12 and 1.13c. Its rune drops are worse than those in 1.13c but it doesn't offer anything worthwile that makes it worth playing. The superchest patterns here were only investigated briefly.
  • 1.13c-1.14d: There will be a proper thread for the superchest patterns in these patches. [ADD LINK]

Why run superchests in older patches?

Covering this in detail would be too much for this thread so I will give a short overview only:
  • 1.07: Many runes from Eld to Fal can be used to create powerful crafts that are not possible in patches 1.08+. Superchests can also drop charms which had better stats in 1.07 only. (e.g. +40 Max Damage on a GC, +6 to all Resists on an SC!)
  • 1.08: Tal runes are used in the caster amulet craft which has the potential to produce amulets with +2 to class skills and up to 25% faster cast rate. (This is exclusive to 1.08). In addition the superchests can be farmed for perfect skulls which are used to reroll rare jewels for a chance of up to 6 affixes.
  • 1.09: The superchests here may drop 5% faster run/walk SCs.
  • 1.10a/1.10s: These patches have four rune words that were nerfed in later patches, most notably the infamous beta CtA that can potentially give +15 to Battle Orders. These runewords require runes ranging from Um to Sur and hence all runes Lem and above found in 1.07 to 1.10s may be forwarded to create these powerful items. (The only other way to quickly get a hold of these is to perform Hellforge Rushes, a much dreaded prospect)

The Format of the Tables:

The tables will be split up by patch, chest location as well as player setting. If a player setting has no patterns yet I will simply omit it, it can always be added later. For the reasons given above there will be no tables for patterns in 1.07/1.08 on player settings 2 and above since they can not be run efficiently.

Similarly if there are no known patterns for a location it will be omitted. The vast majority of patterns are for Lower Kurast with River of Flame coming in as a distant second. Also all patterns here are for Hell Difficulty only.

One last thing: Once upon a time people tried to find all possible patterns by modifying their game to be able to open superchests at a very high rate. These were called 'stress tests' and while the runes found via these methods were not FAM there is no reason to doubt their results. However some people took offense to these methods either because they wanted to find the patterns legitimately or because they simply enjoyed the hunt more than the actual patterns (crazy, right? :p). For this reason I will include the results of these stress tests as a spoiler in this post and omit them from the 'official' tables. This way people have a choice of whether they want to know the patterns immediately or whether they would like to find them on their own. That should be fair to everyone in my opinion.

--- Stress test results and methodology --- to be added over the next days.

I will try to compile the tables for user found patterns in the next few days.
I'm considering contributing to this for 1.09(d) manually as I have the character to do it and the need to farm charms/gems/runes en masse. However, I probably won't put in the effort if the patterns for 1.09d are already known via the "fast chests" method.

Either way, I'm very interested to see what happens with this thread!
@Fugu That method was only applied to very high playersettings in 1.09b with the intention of finding out if the patterns differ for all possible player settings there are (p1, p3, ..., p63 in 1.09b).

If the nodrop works like it does in the other patches (very very likely), then these are the nodrops for chests (in Hell) for all playersettings:
i.e. all playersettings 21 to 63 are the same for chest drops and the drops for p17 and p19 are identical. Furthermore nothing changed dropwise from 1.09b to 1.09d, so the only thing different in 1.09b is that there are patterns for p9, ... , p15, p17-p19 and p21+ as well.

As far as I can tell there was no testing of p1 to p7 settings, so anything you find will likely be brand new info ;)


Also I just finished compiling the tables for 1.08 LK patterns on p1 as well as 1.10a-1.12 LK patterns on p3 and p5. I included a short prelude which states how the patterns came to be (tournament e.g.) and whether screenshots survived (not looking good for most LK stuff there...), followed by a list of runes with the number of patterns for each and finally a list of all patterns with their contributors in spoilers.

The format for patterns I chose was inspired by @N4rkoT1k 's format for patterns in the 1.13 LK pattern thread although I don't assign IDs or add labels like 'known', 'confirmed' or similar to the patterns. It's of this form:
Rune Name [# of Confirmations] Actual Pattern (minus the Rune)

1.08 Patterns

Only two patterns were documented by GalaXyHaXz in the original '1.08 News, Info and Gossip' thread. I reposted them here:
The Ist pattern screenshot survived but the Ohm pattern shot is lost to time.

Ber 0
Sur 0
Lo 0
Ohm 1
Vex 0
Gul 0
Ist 1
Mal 0
Um 0
Pul 0

Ohm [1] Ancient Shield, Scythe, Short Spear

Ist [1] War Scythe

1.10a-1.12 Patterns

This was started by Phosheez as a tournament in which participants were to report all p3 Hell LK patterns for runes Io and above.
All the screenshots are dead due to imageshack and photobucket going belly up.

Ber 1
Sur 1
Lo 1
Ohm 0
Vex 0
Gul 1
Ist 2
Mal 1
Um 4
Pul 3
Lem 5
Fal 4
Ko 6
Lum 11
Io 14

Ber [13] Hawk Helm
Fishpowered, Neck Romancer, Skiff, Bassen, Swordslash, zerth, Solar Ice (4x), Ipsilantee

Sur [7] War Hammer, Battle Axe
Neck Romancer, Pyrohemia, zerth, Darkoooo, Bassen, RIP (2x)

Sur [1] War Hammer

Lo [9] Balanced Axe
Helx, Phosheez, Reborn2k, erics, Neck Romancer, Caly, zerth, Solar Ice, RIP

Gul [7]
Reborn2k, Broncobiv2, Caly, nosignal, zerth, Solar Ice (3x), maareek

Ist [6] Glaive
Bobthewarrior, wwzerozeroone, Antonio, ToonArmy, kefir, Ipsilantee

Ist [8] Repeating Crossbow
Helx, LD50, Pyrohemia, Bassen, nosignal, Solar Ice (3x)

Mal [6] Shadow Bow, Pellet Bow
MacBlimp, zerth, Solar Ice (2x), Arkardo, Friiser (2x), RIP

Um [11] Battle Axe, Gilded Shield, Great Maul, Pilum
Nightfind, Helx, Broncobiv2, Ohomemgrande, Swordslash, Solar Ice (5x), Ipsilantee

Um [10] Bec-De-Corbin
Neck Romancer, Ohomemgrande, Darkoooo, Swordslash, zerth, Solar Ice, Ipsilantee (2x), Virtue, RIP

Um [5] Cedar Bow, Scale Mail, War Sword
Phosheez, Broncobiv2, Bassen, Solar Ice, Shaandore

Um [3] Flamberge, Hunter's Bow
RIP, sequana, Ipsilantee

Pul [4] Gargoyle Head
Neck Romancer, Solar Ice (2x), maareek

Pul [9] Great Axe, Short Battle Bow, Jewel
DX, sequana (2x), Bassen, Solar Ice (4x), Friiser

Pul [4] Sharkskin Boots, Gorgon Crossbow, Amulet
zerth, Solar Ice, Ipsilantee, RIP

Lem [3] Battle Axe, Flying Knife, Great Pilum
Anthro Emesis, Solar Ice, Bassen

Lem [5] Broad Sword
Neck Romancer, Phosheez, Solar Ice (2x), Bassen

Lem [4] Fascia, Gnarled Staff, Helm
Phosheez, Solar Ice (3x)

Lem [7] Ring
Phosheez, sequana, Solar Ice (4x), RIP

Lem [1] Yew Wand, Voulge

Fal [7] Cudgel, Light Belt, Siege Crossbow, Tulwar
Neck Romancer, Solar Ice (5x), maareek

Fal [2] Light Plate
Phosheez, Solar Ice

Fal [5] Short Spear, War Dart
Neck Romancer, Antonio, Solar Ice (3x)

Fal [3] Sabre
Darkoooo, Solar Ice, maareek

Ko [1] Ceremonial Javelin, Large Shield

Ko [2] Chu-Ko-Nu, Greater Claws, Scissors Quhab, War Axe
Neck Romancer, Solar Ice

Ko [4] Ornate Plate
Solar Ice (4x)

Ko [3] Pellet Bow, War Hammer
Solar Ice (2x), Udgard

Ko [1] Sacred Globe, Shadow Bow, Short Siege Bow
Neck Romancer

Ko [2] Heavy Belt, Yari
nosignal, LD50

Lum [4] Bone Wand, Grand Charm
Solar Ice (3x), maareek

Lum [3] Breast Plate, Long Sword
Solar Ice (3x)

Lum [7] Ceremonial Javelin
Cygnus, Friiser, nosignal, Solar Ice (3x), RIP

Lum [1] Claymore, Falcata
Solar Ice

Lum [6] Composite Bow, Ghost Armor, Trellised Armor
Phosheez, sequana, Solar Ice (2x), Friiser, RIP

Lum [3] Death Mask, Double Axe, Hatchet +3 more
Solar Ice (2x), RIP

Lum [1] Falchion, Wrist Spike
Solar Ice

Lum [3] Glaive, Military Axe, Ring, Sallet
Neck Romancer, Phosheez, Solar Ice

Lum [8] Gothic Axe
Phosheez, nosignal, Solar Ice (5x), RIP

Lum [3] Small Charm, Giant Sword
Skiff, Caly, Solar Ice

Lum [2] Targe, Trident
Skiff, Solar Ice

Io [5] Ballista, Long Sword, Sabre, Small Crescent
Neck Romancer, Solar Ice (4x)

Io [2] Bearded Axe
Solar Ice (2x)

Io [2] Broad Axe, Gauntlets, Military Pick, Serpentskin Armor
Neck Romancer, Solar Ice

Io [1] Broad Sword, Dimensional Blade
Solar Ice

Io [2] Casque, Demonhide Sash, Double Axe, Full Helm
Phosheez, ToonArmy

Io [1] Claymore, Falcata
Solar Ice

Io [1] Blade Barrier, Bone Shield, Demonhide Boots, Demon Head, Ring

Io [2] Crossbow, Tulwar
Phosheez, TheReadMenace

Io [3] Falchion, Giant Axe, Wire Fleece
Neck Romancer, Phosheez, Solar Ice

Io [3] Gold, 'Junk'
Solar Ice (3x)

Io [4] Hatchet Hands, War Javelin
Phosheez, Solar Ice (3x)

Io [3] Plated Belt, Repeating Crossbow
Solar Ice (3x)

Io [3] Sacred Globe
Neck Romancer, Kanonfutter, Solar Ice

Io [5] Scale Mail
Skiff, krovak, Solar Ice (3x)
This was started by Phosheez as a tournament in which participants were to report all p5 Hell LK patterns for runes Io and above.
All the screenshots are dead due to imageshack and photobucket going belly up.

Ber 0
Sur 0
Lo 0
Ohm 2
Vex 0
Gul 1
Ist 1
Mal 2
Um 1
Pul 1
Lem 6
Fal 4
Ko 2
Lum 7
Io 8

Ohm [1] Blade Talons, Bramble Mitts

Ohm [1] Siege Crossbow, Silver-Edged Axe

Gul [1] Heraldic Shield, Mask, Ring

Ist [1] Rune Sword, Scutum, Throwing Spear

Mal [1] Heavy Bracers

Mal [2] Battle Hammer, Breast Plate, Glaive +2 more
Phosheez, Tupsi

Um [2] Chu-Ko-Nu, Mask, Short Spear
AJK, Alucard Nosferato

Pul [1] Long Sword, Totemtic Mask, Demonhide Boots +5 more

Lem [1] Belt, Boneweave Boots, Elegant Blade +3 more

Lem [1] Belt, Boneweave Boots, Elegant Blade, Lion Helm

Lem [1] Bone Shield, Cestus, Wyrmhide Boots

Lem [1] Chain Mail, Sun Spirit, Two-handed Sword, Tyrant Club

Lem [2] Reflex Bow
Callador, Jaago

Lem [2] War Belt
sequana, IronCrown

Lem [1] Long Sword

Fal [1] Ancient Sword, Battle Axe, Grim Scythe +2 more

Fal [2] Chain Boots
Joosh, Phosheez

Fal [1] Light Belt, Truncheon

Fal [1] Ghost Armor, Throwing Spear

Ko [1] Great Maul, Greaves, War Axe, War Javelin

Ko [1] Scythe, Spetum

Lum [1] Battle Axe, Double Axe

Lum [1] Bone Shield, Crossbow, Military Pick

Lum [1] Gothic Shield, Ring

Lum [2] Morning Star, Small Charm, War Hammer
tweety, AJK

Lum [2] Short War Bow
Atil, Phosheez

Lum [1] Boneweave Boots, Great Axe, Kris +2 more

Lum [1] Falchion, Stiletto, Twin Axe

Io [2] Antlers, Blade Talons, Composite Bow +3 more
Alucard Nosferato, Atil

Io [2] Antlers, Boneweave Boots
Phosheez, thereadreaper

Io [1] Battle Axe, Clasped Orb, Horned Helm, Maul

Io [1] Battle Axe, Claws, Gothic Shield, Scale Mail
Iron Crown

Io [1] Double Axe, Gorgon Crossbow, Preserved Head, Shadow Bow

Io [4] Gauntlets, Rune Bow, Shamshir
Alucard Nosferatu, Robes (2x), Jaago

Io [1] Grand Crown, Kris, Sharktooth Armor, Suwayyah

Io [1] Heavy Boots, Skull Cap

Io [1] Kris, Pilum
I played 1.12 some years ago here... I got 2 vex at LK and a Lo at Pindle, nothing else.

- but it's fun as well,. even if i play 1.13c the last years..
Aaaand there's a Lo pattern in 1.07:

Vex [# 1] Cuirass, Quhab (it can be that they where more items(especially gold...) I picked up, sorry, but if so, it was gloves/pelt or barbhelm)
Lo    [# 1] Balanced Knife (nothing else blue)

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