1. T

    Xbox Switch WTS: SOJs (ladder, xbox, switch)

    Have 2x SOJ ft, looking for runes
  2. H

    59DEF +2 Paladin skills +30 FRW 1 Socket Tiara

    Can I get a price check on this item ? Tiara Defense 59 +2 Paladin skills +30 Faster Run/walk 1 socket
  3. S

    Trang-Ouls Girth for Pul

    Looking for a pul
  4. S

    Jalal's Mask for a Pul

    2 Shape Shifting 2 druid skills All Resistances 30 20 energy, strength and Attack rating 278 defense 30 faster hit recovery
  5. F

    [SC] Xbox Offer B A P N Torches

    Amazon Torch 14/11 18/11 Pala Torch 11/16 Baba Torch 12/17 19/12 Necro Torch 19/14
  6. R

    SOJ for trade also UNID Torch

    Looking for rune offers on XBOX.
  7. S

    [NL] [ISO] Xbox Looking for Lo, Ber, Jah, Vex

    Hit me up. Gamertag Spiral46N2.
  8. T

    [SC] [FT] 5os Flail for Lem rune

    5os Flail for a Lem rune
  9. Rush

    Reveals Inside Xbox Reveals Chorus, Dirt 5, The Ascent and more

    The Inside Xbox event happened earlier and there's some tasty stuff revealed. Like the look of Chorus. Dirt 5, and The Ascent for some good ARPG action. Not a bad mix for PC and Xbox.
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