1. L

    [NL] [SC] [FT] [FS] PC You want it? Maybe I've got it! Work in progress!

    Hey all! I'm going to keep an updated list as I come across more items, be sure to check back! LolaMisstake#9999 on discord! Weapon Bases 0 socket ETH CV 4os Flail 5os Flail x 2 5os Crystal Sword 5os Phase Blade x 2 Uniques Stormshield Sandstorm Trek Gore Rider Snowclash Silks Of Victor...
  2. B

    [SC] PS Bunch of uniques and more *Updated 04/11*

    PlayStation 5 US FT Blackthorns face Tal Mask Cerebus bite Vampire Gaze Jalals x2 Belts: Thundergods perfect Tal Rasha’s belt Razortail Snowclash Weapons: Ariocs needle 4 skills Jade Talon x2 Bartucs Tal Orb Blade of Ali baba Wizardspike Gull Gimmershred Buriza Armor: Vipermagi 33%...
  3. G

    [NL] [SC] PC Groms Trading Shop (torch & facet)

    MISCELLANEOUS Token of Absolution (3X) (Um/each) Thul (20X) Amn (20X) Sol (20X) Shael (20X) UNIQUES/RARES Wolfhowl Fury Visor Jalal's Mane Crown of Thieves (Hel) Que-Hagan's Wisdom (Hel) Ormus' Robes (15,13,11) Guardian Angel Skullder's Ire Vipermagi (upped to Wyrmhide with 906 defense...
  4. B

    [SC] [FT] PS FT Perfect Thundergods and List *UPDATED*

    Helmet: Blackhorns face Stealskull 38% Tal Mask Immortal Kings Belts: Thundergods perfect Thundergods 195 ED Armor: Duriel’s Weapons: Blade of Ali Baba Bartucs Tal Orb Wizardspike Gull Gimmershred Blackhand key Carin Shard Jewel: Rainbow Facet 3/3 Light Ring and amulet: Cats Eye Dwarf...
  5. NDGamerrTV

    [SC] [FT] [FS] PC Eth Shako 4 Shako

    If anyone is really to trade shakos that would be awesome. After 200 runs in Act hell I found this lol bad luck?
  6. NDGamerrTV

    [SC] PC Lycanders Flank Ceremonial

  7. T

    [FS] PS4 - Ethereal unique - Hotspur boots

    Ethereal hotspur boots looking for other unique for trade
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