1. Luhkoh

    The Runefinding Tour - Jaunt though Sanctuary's richest quarries

    The Runefinding Tour Hello everyone! Was feeling the need for a bit more runefinding lately in an attempt to make some progress on my runeword grail. With how much I've been enjoying my 1kmw project for making magic finding progress while keeping things fresh, I thought I should do something...
  2. F

    [Guide] Build Efficiency 101 – Overview & Resource Compilation

    For D2R aspects, see last paragraph of this post. *** One of the things that make the SPF so great is how many players here try to push the limits of speed and efficiency. Be it magic finding (MF), rune finding (RF), gaining experience or any combination thereof. All of these various purposes...
  3. Luhkoh

    Runefinding Calculator - Countess vs LK vs Travincal vs Cows

    [reposted from March 12, 2019] Hi everyone., I really like to do some practical D2 math, and even better if I can get a reusable calculator/spreadsheet from it. @Gripphon 's runefinding guide is one of my favorite posts ever, and I reference it all the time. (Link to guide - If you haven't read...
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