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    [NL] [SC] [FT] [FS] PC Great Prices Here

    Leave your battletag below and what you are wanting! Oculus - Pul 37% Chance Guards - Um 15% ias 26% poison res Jewel - Ist + Mal 265% ED 8LPK Death Cleaver non-eth - Ist + Mal 196% ED 18/19 Gladiator's Bane non-eth - Pul -4/+5 level-up fire Facet - Um + Pul 197% ED Jalal's Mane - Pul 199% ED...
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    [SC] [FT] [FS] WTS Stuff Good Prices

    265 ED 8 LPK deaths cleaver - ist+mal (no eth sadface) 15% ias 26% psn res jewel - ist 48% res aldurs boots - pul 37% chancies - um +5 widowmaker - pul oculus unsocketed - pul throw your battle tag below and what item you want
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    stuff for trade - peep it

    18/16 necro torch - ist+um 137def shako - ist 37mf chancies - mal 193ed skullders - um -4/+5 die fire facet - um 5os 227%ed rune master - um 6% LL 157ed arreats - um 252%ed noneth ribby - pul all sold
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    28res vipermagi FT (PC)

    Looking for reasonable offers. Have a wonderful day.
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    Nokk's The State of Trade Issue #1

    Reposted from PureDiablo main site. The State of Trade hopes to bring you a regular run-down of the economy to help you spot trends before they move the market. This week marks one month since release and we are seeing the effects of a maturing economy. Let's run down these key changes and keep...
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    15% ED superior 4 socket Archon plate

    Looking for offers on 15% ED superior 4 socket Archon plate. It has 603 defense. It's perfectly rolled.
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    [NL] [FT] [FS] Xbox Trade shop- Need Ber mostly.

    +1 Cold Sorc GC +1 Fire Sorc GC x2 +1 Masteries Barb GC +1 Warcries Barb GC +1 Martial Arts Assa GC Gheeds 80/30/12 Arreats Face x2 (one Eth) Immortal King set (no chest) Trang’s Hands/Chest Thundergods Vigor Titans Revenge Jade Talon x3 Bartucs Cut-Throat x3 Valkyrie Wing x3 100 Poison dmg 1-25...
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