1. nathan

    [SC] PS Attention!! Inventory clearance everything must go!

    Hi all looking to trade for runes. Best offers please I have 40 pgems 40 jewels Charms Gheeds 111/10/25 Anni 10/18/5 Bow& 7frw Small charms 6%mf 5mana +8attr5%mf Coldres10 5%eg PoiRes3% 5mf 5fhr poiRes10 Uniques Armour Ormus robe 1os upped to dusk shroud 13%cold 15%fire 10 light +3...
  2. S

    PC WTS 35 Death's Fathom

    35/27fr/34lr Death's Fathom socketed with white 5/5 facet BIN: Ber + Sur
  3. J

    [NL] [SC] [FT] [FS] PC Great Prices Here

    Leave your battletag below and what you are wanting! Oculus - Pul 37% Chance Guards - Um 15% ias 26% poison res Jewel - Ist + Mal 265% ED 8LPK Death Cleaver non-eth - Ist + Mal 196% ED 18/19 Gladiator's Bane non-eth - Pul -4/+5 level-up fire Facet - Um + Pul 197% ED Jalal's Mane - Pul 199% ED...
  4. J

    [SC] [FT] [FS] WTS Stuff Good Prices

    265 ED 8 LPK deaths cleaver - ist+mal (no eth sadface) 15% ias 26% psn res jewel - ist 48% res aldurs boots - pul 37% chancies - um +5 widowmaker - pul oculus unsocketed - pul throw your battle tag below and what item you want
  5. B

    [ISO] This is gonna seem dumb, but just an El rune

    First time player here. I have been farming countess for 3 hours now and I have tons of runes but for he life of me, she just won’t drop an el rune. Willing to trade 3x of whatever other runes she drops on normal for one El rune.
  6. J

    stuff for trade - peep it

    18/16 necro torch - ist+um 137def shako - ist 37mf chancies - mal 193ed skullders - um -4/+5 die fire facet - um 5os 227%ed rune master - um 6% LL 157ed arreats - um 252%ed noneth ribby - pul all sold
  7. Boxleitner

    [NL] [SC] [ISO] PC ISO Ber rune for rune offers

    Hi, I'm offering Sur Ohm Vex for your Ber rune. We can discuss here.
  8. P

    [NL] PC FT list

    Always open to other offers heres what im looking to get. stormshield - lem magefist 20% - lem unid jala - Lem fal Token - pul eschuta +3 19 fire 18 light - pul Magefist 25% - pul azurewrath - pul homunculus - pul Nagel 25% - lem Nagel 28% - Pul 38 chancies - Mal 3os AP highlords Tomb reaver...
  9. D

    28res vipermagi FT (PC)

    Looking for reasonable offers. Have a wonderful day.
  10. C

    PC Crazy Ivan Sales Emporium!!!! All Prices always at Purediablo Low!!!! Updated 12/18/21!!!!

    ARMOR HELMS Natalya's Totem Vampire Gaze 8%/6% Jalal's Mane 178% Peasant Crown Arreat's Face 166% ed GLOVES Frostburn Magefist Laying of Hands Chance Guards 30% Boots Sandstorm Trek Waterwalk Immortal King's Pillar Tearhaunch Natalya's Soul Infernostride BELTS String of Ears 8% Gloom...
  11. S

    Trang-Ouls Girth for Pul

    Looking for a pul
  12. Y

    [NL] [SC] [FT] PS [PS][America][NL][SC]FT/FS 178% Gore Riders

    Looking for Runes, charms, or stuff for Hammerdin/Javazon/Merc (not insight). Fairly fresh, so I don’t have a whole lot yet as far as final build stuff goes. Feel free to post any offers! Thanks!
  13. F

    [SC] Xbox Offer B A P N Torches

    Amazon Torch 14/11 18/11 Pala Torch 11/16 Baba Torch 12/17 19/12 Necro Torch 19/14
  14. PLAAYA

    PS Amulets, Rings, Skiller charms, Uniques and Set items for trade

    I'm looking for runes. hit me with your offers! If you take more, the lower you can get! ^^
  15. Coughing Dragon

    [SC] [FT] [FS] PC Trade, Herald of Zakarum 176%ed

    Trade, Herald of Zakarum 176%ed Make me an offer I can’t refuse
  16. S

    [NL] [SC] [ISO] PS ISO Trang belt, Offering Pul for trade.

    My Pul rune for your Trang belt.
  17. S

    [NL] [ISO] PS ISO skin of viper magi, offering Um rune

    Wanting to trade my Um rune for a skin of viper magi armor. Also have a variety of runes I could offer together for a Trang belt.
  18. PLAAYA

    PS Offer skiller Charms - Unique Weapons, Armors and jewerly | Looking for runes

    I offer all the below listed items for trade. I'm looking for runes, but I'm open to your offers. Skiller Grand Charms: +1 Warcries - Pul/Um +1 Javelin and Spear skills & +2-3 Fire damage - Um/Mal +1 Shape shifting - Pul Weapons: Ondal's Wisdom (+3 to all skills, 45%FCR) - Pul Blade of Ali...
  19. Chambers35

    [NL] [SC] [FT] PS 2x Waterwalk (63and65) for Trade. Offers Welcome

    Hi there. Got a couple of Waterwalk boots to trade. 63 to Life, 200ed. 65 to Life, 205ed. Completely open to rune offers as I have no set price. Please state which one you'd like though. On PlayStation. Thanks!
  20. Rush

    Nokk's The State of Trade Issue #1

    Reposted from PureDiablo main site. The State of Trade hopes to bring you a regular run-down of the economy to help you spot trends before they move the market. This week marks one month since release and we are seeing the effects of a maturing economy. Let's run down these key changes and keep...
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