1. N

    PS Animunculus Trade Shop- PS5

    Message Animunculus on PSN for trade requests. Lf smiter gear or runes primarily Ber and Jah. Available Items: 2x Pcomb lifer gc 1x Pnb lifer gc 1x jav skill gc 1wc skiller 6-35-41 gc 6os crystal sword 5os phase blade 4os great hauberk Eschutas 3-20-20 Tal's Armor 2x Um runes 1x Gul rune 1x...
  2. D

    [FT] [FS] PS Looking for, selling, trading (occulus, eschutas temper, ormus robes ft)

    Need: Tals amulet + orb Arachnid sash Cold sorc skillers +1 Sorc anni or torch Ist rune Jah rune Have for trade: Eschutas temper The oculus Ormus' robes tal rasha helm Sandstorm treks superior colossus voulge insight Eth colossus volgue- no sockets 2/6 Griswold pieces, chest+redemption 4/6...
  3. D

    [SC] [ISO] PC N a few items + prices

    hi all, Could you please tell me what Runes i have to trade for the following Items: - 5S Berserkers Axe 2 x - 4S Archon Plate or Sacred Armor - Highlords Wrath (I think this was a MAL, right?) Maybe one of you can actually trade with me :D Thank you guys in advance Desertus
  4. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC Grand Charm: Necromancer Curse Skiller

    Necromancer Curse Skiller Grand Charm +1 to Curses (Necromancer Only)