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    PS Exophrenikos’s Rune Atelier (Trading with anything)

    WTT: Aegis 4os Halberd 6os Monarch plain Homunculus Weapons and armor with 3-4-5os Ik belt Superior wire fleece 4os Heavenly garb Aldur’s rhythm 3os Chance guards 34% magic find Crown 3os Ancient axe 6os Superior full plate mail 3os+4os Dimensional blade 5os Ancient axe 6os...
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    [ISO] D2R Looking to trade for Titans Revenge

    Good morning! I am looking for titans revenge for my Javazon, I have Sigons boots/ Twitchrobe/isenharts case and horns/islestrike twin axe/coif of glory/hsarus boots and stay/cloudcrack goth sword/rogues comp bow/the chieftain battleaxe/goblin toe/pompeii's wrath/arcannas headcap/tal rashas ammy...