tal rasha

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    [SC] PC Sell a bunch off stuff (get updated) 4os Monaacrh

    I have many unics and a bunch of Runes. See below (have a lot more) I need Tal rashas Chest and Amulet ore/and Skin of the vipermagi and a LEM Rune 5% fcr, 1 max dmg, 17 energie, 12 mana, mana reg 7%, pois res 7%
  2. X

    [SC] [FT] O Gul rune, tal rasha helm+eye N shako+monarch

    Either I trade; gul for shako+monarch or; tal rasha helm+eye for monarch eye has +2 cold, +1 fire, +1 lightning.
  3. D

    [SC] [FT] WTS Tal Helm

    Make offer in Rune plz