1. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FS] PC Magefist

    Price: Pul
  2. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC Grand Matron Bow | 4OS | +3 Skills

    Price: HR or Tal Armor or Torch Ama/Pala/Sorc/Unid
  3. NDGamerrTV

    [SC] [FT] [FS] PC Eth Shako 4 Shako

    If anyone is really to trade shakos that would be awesome. After 200 runs in Act hell I found this lol bad luck?
  4. Chuppa

    Sorceress [D2R] [SORCERESS] [SC] [PVE] [DMG/MF] [COLD] [BLIZZARD] [VER.1]

    SORCERESS – SC - PVE - DMG/MF - COLD-BLIZZARD (ver.1) END GAME STATS LIFE: ~2631 MANA: ~1342 LIFE STEAL: 11% BLOCK CHANCE: 16% HIT RECOVERY: 60% / 86% to reach 60% faster hit recovery you need: Spirit Shield, 1 Small Charm +5% FHR. to reach 86% faster hit recovery you need: Spirit...