1. Maugan's Works & Skeletal Ballista

    Maugan's Works & Skeletal Ballista

    The Barbarian battles a Skeletal Ballista inside Maugan's Works. There are two positioned at the edges of this room and rather than dealing with the swarming skeleton pack at the doorway the Barbarian chooses to neutralise the Ballistas first. They have a massive range, in fact, off-screen and...
  2. Dungeon


    Dungeon as revealed at BlizzCon 2019 (Nov).
  3. Tomb Lord and Skeletons

    Tomb Lord and Skeletons

    A Tomb Lord and his minions. The Tomb Lord is a master of necromantic magic and bone and he can resurrect his minions, create walls of bone and shatter them and he can spin his magic into a storm of bone that can blind you.