1. Luhkoh

    Elemental Spell Simulator for the Pit and Ancient Tunnels

    LINK TO SHEET (must download to use) Alright I'm pretty excited for this one. Buckle up for lots of discussion of results from this simulator in the posts following this one. Read at your own pace, because there will be a good bit to digest :D. This was a simulator I had in the back of my mind...
  2. Luhkoh

    Ancient Tunnels Barbarian Simulator

    LINK to sheet (must download to use) Here, by popular request, I finally finished an AT barb simulator, akin to my pitzerker simulator. Made in excel again, so you will have to download the sheet and enable macros to run it. This simulator is a whole lot more complex than the pitzerker one, for...
  3. Luhkoh

    Monster Type Spawn Distribution

    Introduction Hi everyone. I was looking into the rate at which different monster types spawn in different areas. In particular this came up while working on my pitzerker simulator, so of primary interest to is pits and ancient tunnels, and those are the two areas I will mostly discuss. But this...
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