1. vorbiss

    [NL] [SC] PC Unique/Set/Socketables going cheap, take a look!

    Hello, welcome to my little trading post! There are no set prices, I use the guide as a reference. https://www.purediablo.com/forums/threads/pricing-guide-for-d2r-non-ladder.1953/ The prices are negotiable and since some of those items are in low demand, this will be taken into account during...
  2. L

    [NL] [SC] [FT] [FS] PC You want it? Maybe I've got it! Work in progress!

    Hey all! I'm going to keep an updated list as I come across more items, be sure to check back! LolaMisstake#9999 on discord! Weapon Bases 0 socket ETH CV 4os Flail 5os Flail x 2 5os Crystal Sword 5os Phase Blade x 2 Uniques Stormshield Sandstorm Trek Gore Rider Snowclash Silks Of Victor...
  3. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC Rite of Passage (Boots) (The Disciple set)

    Leave your offer.
  4. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC M'avina's Icy Clutch (Gloves)(M'avina's Battle Hymn set)

  5. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest (Tal Rasha's Wrappings Set)

  6. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FS] PC Sigon's Complete Steel (FULL SET)

    PRICE: 15 x PGS (mix) or 10 x PERFECT RUBY
  7. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC Lidless Wall

  8. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC Immortal King's Will (Immortal King set)

Estimated market value