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  1. Kartongen

    Seven Self-reliant Saviours of Sanctuary - Kartongen's untwinked sept

    Hi all. As some of you have seen here, I have been planning three septs. Two are centred around the 1.11 runewords, while one is untwinked. Since my other thread quite focused on the 1.11 runewords, I felt it more suitable to keep this untwinked project separate from that thread. And thus, this...
  2. Kartongen

    Kartongen’s runeword rant and overambitious three septs.

    Hello dear SPF. This thread will be a wall of text. Or rather, it will be four walls of text all crammed into one thread. Since the four topics are all intertwined, I cannot find a good way to separate them. At first I thought of having them all in one post separate by individual spoilers, but...
  3. Luhkoh

    Luhkoh's Untwinked till Patmat Sept

    Introduction Hi all. I finally finished questing my zon through the game yesterday. Since I had stopped posting my patmat threads when I completed a character, I thought I would just post this summary when I finally finished the sept. I have always liked the idea of a "team" of characters in d2...
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