1. Jaxidian

    I messed up a runeword, but I don't know why

    What did I do wrong? Why isn't this a White runeword staff now? I 100% definitely put the Dol in first.
  2. Kartongen

    Kartongen’s runeword rant and overambitious three septs.

    Hello dear SPF. This thread will be a wall of text. Or rather, it will be four walls of text all crammed into one thread. Since the four topics are all intertwined, I cannot find a good way to separate them. At first I thought of having them all in one post separate by individual spoilers, but...
  3. D

    Diablo 2 Rune Words calculator

    Hey guys, I know there are plenty of rune word calculators out there. There is even one on this very website but I wanted to make one for our diablo fan site and after it turned out pretty decently, I decided to translate it and share it with more people on the internet. You will find it on...