1. E

    PS Exophrenikos’s Rune Atelier (Trading with anything)

    WTT: Aegis 4os Halberd 6os Monarch plain Homunculus Weapons and armor with 3-4-5os Ik belt Superior wire fleece 4os Heavenly garb Aldur’s rhythm 3os Chance guards 34% magic find Crown 3os Ancient axe 6os Superior full plate mail 3os+4os Dimensional blade 5os Ancient axe 6os...
  2. N

    PS Animunculus Trade Shop- PS5

    Message Animunculus on PSN for trade requests. Lf smiter gear or runes primarily Ber and Jah. Available Items: 2x Pcomb lifer gc 1x Pnb lifer gc 1x jav skill gc 1wc skiller 6-35-41 gc 6os crystal sword 5os phase blade 4os great hauberk Eschutas 3-20-20 Tal's Armor 2x Um runes 1x Gul rune 1x...
  3. Rush

    All the PS5 / New Game Reveal Trailers

    Update: I have added in all the other platforms some of these PS5 reveals will also appear on as the information becomes available. Feel free to add anything below if I missed any dates/platoforms etc. Loads of PS5 announcements this evening and these trailers cover everything that's been...