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  1. D

    [SC] [ISO] PS Looking for IK Armor (PSN)

    Looking for IK Armor - trading Ist for it. PSN: dSpangz
  2. P

    PS ISO amazon TORCH

    Looking for any, name price/ FT looking for. Thanks
  3. M

    selling Oculus - ps5

    want to sell OCULUS

    PS Offer skiller Charms - Unique Weapons, Armors and jewerly | Looking for runes

    I offer all the below listed items for trade. I'm looking for runes, but I'm open to your offers. Skiller Grand Charms: +1 Warcries - Pul/Um +1 Javelin and Spear skills & +2-3 Fire damage - Um/Mal +1 Shape shifting - Pul Weapons: Ondal's Wisdom (+3 to all skills, 45%FCR) - Pul Blade of Ali...

    D2 [PS4/5][Europe] Looking for players

    Hello, Me and my friend are having trouble leveling up because of the lack of matchmaking on playstation and the lack of decency from the people who joins. They run everywhere, teleport everywhere, aggro the enemies and steal the loot. I'm looking for players who want to play in a chill mood...
  6. G

    Cleaning out some random stash items- Thundergods and Titans Revenge

    Newer player just cleaning out some random stash items that look decent to me. My main character is a Necro so looking for tran guls, bad rolled dwebs, arachnids sash any poison Necro items would be greatly appreciated or runes. Make offers.
  7. S

    PS Items to trade - Looking for Runes / Bowzon gear

    Natalya’s Shadow loricated mail Ormus Robes Dusk Shroud +1 to javelin and spear skills grand charm Flamebellow Balrogs blade Razors edge tomahawk Phase blade 5 and a 6 socketed Bul Kathos sacred charge colossus blade Templars might sacred armor Medusa’s gaze aegis Dangoons teaching reinforced...
  8. K

    Eth Sup Kraken Shell 15ED 903 def + 14 durability

    What does this worth? It can get 4os at Larzuk for Merc's Fortitude
  9. H

    PS O Perfect Spirit Monarch (35% fcr)

    Lf 2x Ist + or 4x Ist/2x Gul
  10. H

    PS O Eth Thresher with 4 sockets

    I offer a Eth Thresher with 4 open sockets. Lf Vex Or Gul + Harlequiens Crest.
  11. J

    [SC] I need trang helm

    I'm looking for trang helm please leave your price! I normally respond quickly
  12. E

    PS Exophrenikos’s Rune Atelier (Trading with anything)

    WTT: Aegis 4os Halberd 6os Monarch plain Homunculus Weapons and armor with 3-4-5os Ik belt Superior wire fleece 4os Heavenly garb Aldur’s rhythm 3os Crown 3os Ancient axe 6os Superior full plate mail 3os+4os Dimensional blade 5os Ancient axe 6os Composite bow 3os Broad sword 4os...
  13. Animunculus

    PS Animunculus Trade Shop- PS5

    Message Animunculus on PSN for trade requests. Lf smiter gear or runes primarily Ber and Jah. Available Items: 2x Pcomb lifer gc 1x Pnb lifer gc 1x jav skill gc 1wc skiller 6-35-41 gc 6os crystal sword 5os phase blade 4os great hauberk Eschutas 3-20-20 Tal's Armor 2x Um runes 1x Gul rune 1x...
  14. Rush

    All the PS5 / New Game Reveal Trailers

    Update: I have added in all the other platforms some of these PS5 reveals will also appear on as the information becomes available. Feel free to add anything below if I missed any dates/platoforms etc. Loads of PS5 announcements this evening and these trailers cover everything that's been...
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