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    PC Randius' Randoms

    I have a few things i'm just looking to clean up, offer on anything that catches your eye! 5OS Dimensional Blade 5OS Flail 5OS Phase Blade 15%IAS Jewel Budget Chancies MF Boots Budget War Travelers Clean Monarch +3Cold MF ammy Gore Rider IK Maul 35 Crush IK Maul 39 Crush Peasant...
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    [SC] [FT] PC Short Sell List + Buying Stormlash

    Selling Titan's Revenge (196% ED, 7% LL) Mavina Belt Marrowwalk Snakecord Belt Undead Crown Sazabi Armor (Balrog Skin Set Armor) 4 OS Monarch 4/5/6 OS Phase Blade White Monarch Buying Stormlash Willing to offer Mal+ for Stormlash and accepting Buy offers in Runes/Gems.
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    [SC] [FT] PC White Monarch / 5OS Phase Blade / Combat Skiller Paladin GC

    Hey guys, White Monarch / 5OS Phase Blade / Combat Skiller Paladin GC for sale Looking for offers in Runes. Thanks for looking.
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