1. W

    [NL] [SC] PC just have a look~~~

    o JEWEL15ias28ed n ohm o small charm poision 209 over 10 sec n ist o chanceguards 30 mf n um wsp me~~~
  2. D

    [SC] PC WTB ohm rune for 6 ist

    WTB ohm rune for 6 ist ADD me on battle.net dukedinh#1516 Msg me on discord DukeDinh#9179
  3. A

    [FT] My 2 ohms for any sorc torch

    2 ohms for any sorc torch have a few other things as well Psn andre3000_902
  4. SKunKKi

    [SC] PC N Ohm O Ists

    Offer 6 Ist Or 6Ist + Um or 4 ist + cham
  5. SKunKKi

    [SC] PC Need Ohm O 6 Ist`s

  6. Mrzonta

    [FT] Xbox PS Ohm+Ist+Mal for Stone of Jordan

    Ohm+Ist for SoJ Current purediablo price guide Unique Ring values (Item | Legacy Value | Current Value) Stone of Jordan = 3 - 4 Ist | Ohm
  7. Mrzonta

    [FT] Xbox PS Ohm for SoJ

    Trading an Ohm for SoJ. Xbox or PlayStation. Username is MrZonta
  8. RobXombie

    [SC] PS My updated trade list...

    PS4/SC/US FT... Runes FT: Ist, Hel, Sol, Shael, Fal, io, Amn, Dol TOA Token of Absolution SPIRIT D. Blade Eth Shako Poleaxe w/ Insight Chance Guards, 33%MF +100 Poison Dam SC Immortal King's Belt, 89Def, LR32, FR28 Essence of Suffering (Blue) 4os Poleaxe Natalya's Shadow (Assassin) 3os Phase...
  9. F

    [FS] Ohm

    LF runes
  10. S

    Xbox Iso ohm i trade Sur for it

    I want ohm and i trade sur rune for it
  11. C

    [SC] PC WTS Ohm Ist Mal 4 Lo

    Selling: Ohm, Ist, Mal Buying: Lo CintroG01#1100
Estimated market value