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    [NL] [SC] [FT] [ISO] PS Trading for your chipped Amyth and topaz’s

    Looking to buy a good amount of chipped amethysts and topazs, will part with a variety of items and likely overpay to get the deal done haha
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    [NL] [SC] [ISO] PS Trading for your Ko

    Looking to trade for Ko rune, can offer… 1 Fal Rune Or 15 Life SC Or 13 Life SC + io rune Or Let me know what you’re looking for. Thanks
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    [NL] [SC] PC Socket Quest FT

    I' m looking for 6-7 mf scs, i have about 50 socket quest FT , I will do more than 1 socket if needed for the 6-7 mf sc
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    [ISO] ISO Marrowwalk, Shako

    I have Fal, Gul