1. E

    [NL] [SC] [ISO] PC ISO Arachnids, SoJ, Sandstorm Trek, GC Bone Necro and AllRes SC

    Hi all, As title says, i'm in search of the following items: Arachnid Mesh 2x 1x The Stone of Jordan Sandstorm Trek 5x 4x 2x +1 Poison and Bone Skills Grand Charm 8x +AR Small Charm I can offer Runes, PGems and PSkull in theese. Please post here if you have any for trade, and the status of...
  2. D

    [NL] [ISO] PS My Mal For 50 Jewels Quick!

    Topic! My Mal for any 50 Jewels quick trade TY
  3. D

    [NL] [ISO] PS I’m overpaying for your piles of jewels

    Topic Looking to overpay for your piles of junk jewels, post or pm me with what ya got
  4. D

    [NL] [ISO] PS Bring me junk jewels

    Topic Looking to buy groups of 20+ junk jewels Lmk what you got, post or convo me Thanks
  5. D

    [SC] [ISO] PS Looking for lots of jewels

    Topic Looking for your lots of jewels, pm or post me with what you have. Thanks!
  6. J

    WTB Ber for 2Lo+ist

    Offering 2 lo + ist for Ber (lo+ohm+vex+4ist+2mal and I can give gems for converts if wanted) Working until 5:30 mountain time
  7. D

    [SC] PS Iso arachnid mesh unique

    Let me know what you want for your arachnid mesh
  8. R


    Looking for shako, ofer mal. PSNID Pacifista89
  9. n4styn8or

    [SC] [ISO] PS ISO - Ber Rune [Playstation]

    Have solid offer for it . Anyone have for trade?
  10. S

    [NL] [SC] [ISO] PS ISO Trang belt, Offering Pul for trade.

    My Pul rune for your Trang belt.
  11. S

    [NL] [ISO] PS ISO skin of viper magi, offering Um rune

    Wanting to trade my Um rune for a skin of viper magi armor. Also have a variety of runes I could offer together for a Trang belt.
  12. C

    [SC] [ISO] PC ISO PC Eth Great Poleaxe with or without 6 sockets

    I am looking for an eth great poleaxe to make BOTD in. Thanks.
  13. D

    [SC] [FT] PS Various items up ft

    Looking for runes and Pgem offers 4 socket eth colossus voulge 4 socket flail 5 socket phase blade 6 socket dimensional blade 4 socket archon plate (417 def) 4 socket scarab husk (454 def) 2 socket scarab husk (470 def) 3 socket dusk shroud (467 def) 3 lightning sorc/20fcr magic circlet Lava...
  14. D

    [NL] [SC] [FT] [ISO] PS Trading for your chipped Amyth and topaz’s

    Looking to buy a good amount of chipped amethysts and topazs, will part with a variety of items and likely overpay to get the deal done haha
  15. D

    [NL] [SC] [ISO] PS Trading for your Ko

    Looking to trade for Ko rune, can offer… 1 Fal Rune Or 15 Life SC Or 13 Life SC + io rune Or Let me know what you’re looking for. Thanks
  16. D

    [NL] [SC] PC Socket Quest FT

    I' m looking for 6-7 mf scs, i have about 50 socket quest FT , I will do more than 1 socket if needed for the 6-7 mf sc
  17. D

    [ISO] ISO Marrowwalk, Shako

    I have Fal, Gul
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