immortal king

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    PC Full Immortal Kings set FT

    Maul is perf and the rest of the items are solid as well. Looking for runes ideally.
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    [SC] PC Catdiggitydog's Trade Shop - Come on down my diggitydawgz

    Feel free to make an offer here or in game - character: Icecoldcatdog- bnet: MorninGlory#6748 SET Pieces Immortal Kings Tal Rasha Guillaume's Face Griswold Trang-Oul Hwanin The Discliple (Laying of Hands) Cow King's Hooves Runewords Unique/Rare Weapons Unique/Rare Armor Bases...
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    O list of items - Make your offer - PC Softcore

    Hello I'm trading some items collected ingame for PC SOFTGAME, list below: Do not hesitate to contact me if you want more details on item stat, ingame or through the forum List of unique item & set pieces. Ok for trade against Runes or equivalent items. In game from 9:00 PM UTC+1 Immortak...
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    PS LF IK armor and belt

    I am looking for Ik armor and belt. I have vipermage and ohm rune to trade
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    [NL] [SC] PS Etitans and more ft

    Upped Ethereal Titan's revenge, 167% ed 8% LL 38% MF immortal king helm Trang-ouls chest Bloodtree stump Blade of Ali baba All for trade, let me know if you're interested, Ps4/5 console player
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    -- Closed --

    Thanks for interest all but I'm closing the shop on this site!
  7. Locations III #9: King Kanai's Throne Room

    Locations III #9: King Kanai's Throne Room

    http://fav.me/874263276 This one's for Kevin...
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