1. L

    PC: Matriarchal Javelin, 2 ama, 2 javelin, 40ias

    +2 amazon skill +2 javelin skill 40 ias 9 LL 5% cast amplify damage on hit increased stack size (total 105) Pretty decent roll, gg javelin. Want check how much it worth?
  2. W

    [NL] [SC] PC o JEWEL 15ias 28ed

    [[o JEWEL 15ias 28ed]] - n ohm - wsp me
  3. W

    [NL] [SC] PC just have a look~~~

    o JEWEL15ias28ed n ohm o small charm poision 209 over 10 sec n ist o chanceguards 30 mf n um wsp me~~~
  4. W

    Jewel 15ias and 28ed

    Jewel 15ias and 28ed.. what its worth? thank you
  5. H

    [SC] [FS] PC Script Circlets & GG 2-20ias sin gloves

    2-20 fcr sorc w/ 10mf 2-20fcr necro 2 barb 30enhanced DMG 6LL 2Druid 2os 29str 2Pal 6LL/5ML 13Ares 2barb 6ML 19dex 25GF 18Ares 2Marts 20IAS 4LL 5crushing blow
  6. SKunKKi

    [SC] PC Need 15ias/15max damage jewel

    Offer mal pul
  7. G

    [SC] [FS] PS IAS Jewels for trade

    I have 3 ias jewels for trade. Open to offers. 15% ias lightning res 30% 15% ias fire res 17% 15% ias
  8. G

    [NL] [SC] PC Boneslayer Blade Gothic Axe FT Best Offer

  9. Q

    Magic Jewel (35ED/15IAS)

    The price check states a similar quality jewel as 7-8 Ist. Is that price currently what this is worth?
  10. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC Ruby Jewel of Fervor: 15% IAS + 40% ED

    Prefers HRs or Ama/Sorc Torches. You can also leave your offer, all the necessary items in the signature.
  11. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC Blue Jewel: 20% ED + 15% IAS

    Blue Jewel: 20% enhanced damage 15% increased attack speed
  12. Chuppa

    [HC][EU][NL] - Jewel 20%ED/15%IAS

    Jewel: 20% enhanced damage 15% increased attack speed Hardcore
Estimated market value