gta 5

  1. Rush

    GTA 5 VorpX setup guide for the Oculus Rift

    VorpX share some tips on how to get the most from GTA 5 in the Oculus Rift. Last week when I tested GTA 5 in the Oculus Rift with the new VorpX drivers it was a strange experience that made my stomach churn. I knew it would cause sickness because I was so keen to get in and test I didn’t mess...
  2. Rush

    GTA 5 PC Cheat Codes for extra fun

    Need a helping hand with unlocking some extra chaos and carnage? Here are some codes. Even though GTA 5 has been out on the consoles for quite some time, PC gamers are now able to enjoy the open world anarchy too – and may not be aware of the array of cheats which can be activated in the game...
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