grand charm

  1. Gaucher111

    Grand charm +10maxdmg/ +54ar/ +38 life

  2. Freak King

    PC on a couple of charms

    Much appreciated! And sorry for the long list. SC 3frw 10Psnres SC 3frw 14Mana SC 3frw 17Mana (2x) SC 3frw 26Def SC 11Psnres 7gf SC 11Psnres SC 11Coldres (2x) SC 17Life - 13Mana SC 17Mana SC 22Def-20Life SC 26Def-20Life SC 28Def SC 30Def GC 9maxd 58ar GC 84def 24gf GC 118ar 6str GC 130ar19L GC...
  3. P

    PC on combat skiller pala with life?

    Heya Tried to find this on the price check tool, but got no hits. Can any1 assist? Greatly accepted.
  4. Freak King

    [NL] [SC] PC For trade - Several skillers and charms

    Thanks for checking out this post! Ill trade the items below for runes, make an offer. SC 17Life - 13Mana SC 22Def-20Life SC 26Def-20Life GC 130ar19L 1 Masteries +12FHR 1 Masteries +6-11 cold damage 2 Shadow lc 5 maxdmg/42ar/6psn dmg in 3s lc 6 maxdmg/21ar/4str sc 11 cold/15 psn dmg in 4s...
  5. J

    [SC][FT] Offensive aura +7% faster W/R charm for Um

    I have a +1 offensive aura and +7% faster walk/run grand charm. I would trade it for an Um rune. Thanks
  6. D

    [SC] [FS] PC Sharp Grand Charm of Vita

    Sharp GC of Vita 10Max/72AR/40Life - Ber or 2 Lo
  7. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC Grand Charm: Elemental Skills (Druid)

    Price: UM or Java/Cold/Combat Pala SK or Bul-Khatos Ring or Highlord Wrath
  8. N

    [FT] PC Two Grand Charms +1 PnB Skills (necro) with FHR / Life

    WTS these two grand charms one is +1 PnB skills +34life one is +1 PnB skills +12FHR(full roll) each for Ohm or better runes
  9. Daedalus

    [SC] [FT] PC Grand Charm +1 Summoning (Necro) +16 Life

    Best Offer
  10. A

    +1 Elemental Skills Druid Grand Charm PC

    Please PC that one :)
  11. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC Grand Charm: Assasin Martial Arts Skiller

    Grand Charm: Assasin Martial Arts Skiller
  12. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC Grand Charm: Necromancer Curse Skiller

    Necromancer Curse Skiller Grand Charm +1 to Curses (Necromancer Only)
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