grand charm

  1. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC Grand Charm: Elemental Skills (Druid)

    Price: UM or Java/Cold/Combat Pala SK or Bul-Khatos Ring or Highlord Wrath
  2. N

    [FT] PC Two Grand Charms +1 PnB Skills (necro) with FHR / Life

    WTS these two grand charms one is +1 PnB skills +34life one is +1 PnB skills +12FHR(full roll) each for Ohm or better runes
  3. Daedalus

    [SC] [FT] PC Grand Charm +1 Summoning (Necro) +16 Life

    Best Offer
  4. A

    +1 Elemental Skills Druid Grand Charm PC

    Please PC that one :)
  5. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC Grand Charm: Assasin Martial Arts Skiller

    Grand Charm: Assasin Martial Arts Skiller
  6. Chuppa

    [NL] [HC] [FT] [FS] PC Grand Charm: Necromancer Curse Skiller

    Necromancer Curse Skiller Grand Charm +1 to Curses (Necromancer Only)