1. d2lover

    The Runeword in one Screenshot Grail!

    Hi, as I found Amn, Thul, Ort in one Screensize in the Cowlevel I came to an idea for a new grail! All runes of one runeword must be in one unstaged screenshot(i.e. not dropping them in town or the likes). All areas are allowed, tho I can only recommend the Cowlevel and maybe Arcaine...
  2. Luhkoh

    1k Many Ways - Variety Grailing

    ~~1kmw Status Table~~ Start Date: 30-Mar-2020 Approx Approx 9.3+ pts Set Char Loc Holy Grail End Date MF Time Bosses Adjeff MFO Items Grailers --- ------ --- ---------- --------- --- -----...
  3. Luhkoh

    1.10+ Grail Status Tables

    [originally posted by Hrus on April 5, 2005] 1.10 Grail Status Tables (4-5-2005) What is the Grail? Grail is a collection of all unique and set items in the game. We don't collect runes here. We have a self-found grail and grail with traded items included. In wider meaning it could be a goal...
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