for trade

  1. D

    [NL] [SC] [ISO] PS Trading for your Ko

    Looking to trade for Ko rune, can offer… 1 Fal Rune Or 15 Life SC Or 13 Life SC + io rune Or Let me know what you’re looking for. Thanks
  2. D

    PC on some randoms PS4

    Hoping for some possible value figures (if any) from you fellas +1 Maxdmg/18Ar/5life SC +2 Maxdmg/19Ar SC +3 Maxdmg/12Ar SC +13 Life SC +15 Life SC +5MF SC +7MF/+19Ar SC +15% IAS Jewel +3 Bow and C.Bow magic gloves
  3. ShooterMcGavin

    [SC] [FT] PC +3 fire sorc ammy and Titans FT

    First post here, rolled a +3 to fire skills sorc ammy single mod and found a Titans (non eth) last night. Both for trade make offer plz.
  4. S

    Uniques and +fire skill for trade

    -Eth Yone Sundan : 192ED -Arreat guard : 156ED -+2 skill druid coronet : 30FRW, 67ED -Gloom's trap belt : 134ED -Goblin's toe : 54ED -Raven frost: 18dex -+3 fire skill sorc amulet -+3 fire skill sorc coronet -Bartuc's Cut-Throat : 161ED, 9% life steal -Lycander's aim : 193ED, 6% mana steal...