for trade

  1. J

    [NL] [SC] [FT] [FS] PC Great Prices Here

    Leave your battletag below and what you are wanting! Oculus - Pul 37% Chance Guards - Um 15% ias 26% poison res Jewel - Ist + Mal 265% ED 8LPK Death Cleaver non-eth - Ist + Mal 196% ED 18/19 Gladiator's Bane non-eth - Pul -4/+5 level-up fire Facet - Um + Pul 197% ED Jalal's Mane - Pul 199% ED...
  2. J

    stuff for trade - peep it

    18/16 necro torch - ist+um 137def shako - ist 37mf chancies - mal 193ed skullders - um -4/+5 die fire facet - um 5os 227%ed rune master - um 6% LL 157ed arreats - um 252%ed noneth ribby - pul all sold
  3. S

    PS Skin a vapermag +25 res for trade

    Skin of the vipermagi +25 all res for trade
  4. L

    [NL] [FT] [FS] PC ☃️🎁******STASH SALE! CHEAP and RARE******☃️🎁

    LAKESHOW#1459 Weapons: Titans Revenge +2/+2 for LEM-PUL https://www.purediablo.com/items/titans-revenge/ Thunderstroke +4 for PUL https://www.purediablo.com/items/thunderstroke/ Ondals wisdom for PUL https://www.purediablo.com/items/ondals-wisdom/ Bartuc's 192%...
  5. B

    Bunch of stuff for trade! - pc

    PM with offer Wizardspike Frostburn string of ears 166 gore rider skullder's ire 34/10 vipermagi 34/9 vipermagi 33/13 vipermagi 31/13 vipiermagi Immortal king's forge Angelic (2x ring + amulet) 4os superior crystal sword 4os dusk shroud x2 4os flail
  6. C

    PC Crazy Ivan Sales Emporium!!!! All Prices always at Purediablo Low!!!! Updated 12/18/21!!!!

    ARMOR HELMS Natalya's Totem Vampire Gaze 8%/6% Jalal's Mane 178% Peasant Crown Arreat's Face 166% ed GLOVES Frostburn Magefist Laying of Hands Chance Guards 30% Boots Sandstorm Trek Waterwalk Immortal King's Pillar Tearhaunch Natalya's Soul Infernostride BELTS String of Ears 8% Gloom...
  7. M

    [SC] [FT] PC Shako (traded) & Eth-70Kira FT

    Ethien#1769 B.net Ethien#9373 Discord
  8. B

    Jah 4 16xist

    Comment here and I'll join you
  9. RobXombie

    [SC] PS My updated trade list...

    PS4/SC/US FT... Runes FT: Ist, Hel, Sol, Shael, Fal, io, Amn, Dol TOA Token of Absolution SPIRIT D. Blade Eth Shako Poleaxe w/ Insight Chance Guards, 33%MF +100 Poison Dam SC Immortal King's Belt, 89Def, LR32, FR28 Essence of Suffering (Blue) 4os Poleaxe Natalya's Shadow (Assassin) 3os Phase...
  10. D

    [NL] [SC] [ISO] PS Trading for your Ko

    Looking to trade for Ko rune, can offer… 1 Fal Rune Or 15 Life SC Or 13 Life SC + io rune Or Let me know what you’re looking for. Thanks
  11. D

    PC on some randoms PS4

    Hoping for some possible value figures (if any) from you fellas +1 Maxdmg/18Ar/5life SC +2 Maxdmg/19Ar SC +3 Maxdmg/12Ar SC +13 Life SC +15 Life SC +5MF SC +7MF/+19Ar SC +15% IAS Jewel +3 Bow and C.Bow magic gloves
  12. ShooterMcGavin

    [SC] [FT] PC +3 fire sorc ammy and Titans FT

    First post here, rolled a +3 to fire skills sorc ammy single mod and found a Titans (non eth) last night. Both for trade make offer plz.
  13. S

    Uniques and +fire skill for trade

    -Eth Yone Sundan : 192ED -Arreat guard : 156ED -+2 skill druid coronet : 30FRW, 67ED -Gloom's trap belt : 134ED -Goblin's toe : 54ED -Raven frost: 18dex -+3 fire skill sorc amulet -+3 fire skill sorc coronet -Bartuc's Cut-Throat : 161ED, 9% life steal -Lycander's aim : 193ED, 6% mana steal...
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