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    PC PS Ladder small stash sale

    Can make PC trades if trade is valuable enough. Mostly PlayStation. Jalal’s 171%ed Chance guards 35mf Magefist 24ed Heart Carver +228% ed Gerke’s Sanctuary 2x manald heal, 4ml + rep life +7, 4ml + rep life + 8 Ik helm 40mf (perfect) socketed with 2xptopaz Ik gloves, ik boots Sigon...
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    [SC] [FT] Hellfire Torch - Sorceress 14/16

    LF Ohm + Ist
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    Bunch of stuff for trade! - pc

    PM with offer Wizardspike Frostburn string of ears 166 gore rider skullder's ire 34/10 vipermagi 34/9 vipermagi 33/13 vipermagi 31/13 vipiermagi Immortal king's forge Angelic (2x ring + amulet) 4os superior crystal sword 4os dusk shroud x2 4os flail
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    [NL] [SC] [FS] PC WTS: 290 Infinity

    WTS Eth Thresher Infinity 290%ED -52%ELR LF: runes (2ber+ or Ber+++)
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    15% ED superior 4 socket Archon plate

    Looking for offers on 15% ED superior 4 socket Archon plate. It has 603 defense. It's perfectly rolled.
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    Please see the list below for all items and sale prices. All item prices have been based on this comprehensive list here (I've discounted the items based on this list already). Note: All prices are listed as [Rune_Type]+, meaning a rune of equal or greater value. Please message here as well as...
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    Uniques and +fire skill for trade

    -Eth Yone Sundan : 192ED -Arreat guard : 156ED -+2 skill druid coronet : 30FRW, 67ED -Gloom's trap belt : 134ED -Goblin's toe : 54ED -Raven frost: 18dex -+3 fire skill sorc amulet -+3 fire skill sorc coronet -Bartuc's Cut-Throat : 161ED, 9% life steal -Lycander's aim : 193ED, 6% mana steal...
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