1. A

    [NL] [SC] PC My First Post

    Hey guy, hope y'all doin well, here some items i wanna sell. 189ed gorerider 175ed 85 extra gold Crown of Thieves 197ed 56life waterwalk 9ll 108ed 12str draculs boo skiller with 15 life poison and bone skiller just make an offer in rune(s).
  2. SKunKKi

    [SC] PC PS Need Perfect Draculs(15/10), offer ists

    Draculs crasp, thx.
  3. S

    [SC] PS Switch LF Draculs

    Looking for some dracs. Willing to offer somewhere from Pul - Um - Mal depending on the roll
  4. D

    [SC] [ISO] Xbox Switch ISO DRACS

    Looking for a set of Draculs Grasp. Let me know what you want for them and we can work out a deal. Can meet up on Xbox or switch.
  5. Mrzonta

    [FT] Xbox PS 10% life Dracul’s + Mal + Pul+ Ko rune + skin of the vipermagi + goldwrap + nature’s peace + unidentified ring for Shako.

    Trading All these for 1 shako: draculs, mal, pul, ko, skin of the vipermagi, goldwrap, natures peace and an unidentified unique ring for shako..msg me. My username name is Mrzonta on PS5. I can Also trading on Xbox if you send me a message. Please help me get that shako!
Estimated market value