cyberpunk 2077

  1. Grux

    Released Patch v1.1 - Notes

    Patch 1.1 for Cyberpunk 2077 is now available on PC, consoles and Stadia! In this update we focused on various stability improvements, which you can find outlined in the patch notes below. We will continue this work in patch 1.2 and other upcoming updates. At the same time we will keep fixing...
  2. Grux

    New Official Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshot Contest

    Get Snapping
  3. M

    How do I use more than one consumable in Cyberpunk

    I use my X for my MaxDoc but I have lots of other consumables in my backpack that do other things like increase max health and stamina. How do I easily access any of those? I have looked in Settings/Key bindings but no luck. This is PC btw Any help?
  4. Peril

    I can't get out of walk mode in Cyberpunk

    I am walking slower than a normal walk and I can't run at all, Shift doesn't work. I can't find a key binding so I don't know what I have pressed to do this.
  5. P

    How do you holster weapons in Cyberpunk 2077?

    I keep pullling accidently pulling out my weapon. How do you put it away? On PC here.
  6. Peril

    Where are screenshots saved in Cyberpunk?

    I have pressed print screen but I can't find where they are stored. They are not in the User folder or the game folder. Thanks
  7. Johnny Silverhand

    Johnny Silverhand

    Johnny Silverhand relaxes in a diner.
  8. Yorinobu Arasaka.jpg

    Yorinobu Arasaka.jpg

    Yorinobu Arasaka
  9. v - sTREET kID.jpg

    v - sTREET kID.jpg

    V male Street Kid Attire
  10. v - sTREET kID 2F.jpg

    v - sTREET kID 2F.jpg

    V female Street Kid Attire
  11. v - sTREET kID 2F 2.jpg

    v - sTREET kID 2F 2.jpg

    V female Street Kid Attire
  12. v - sTREET kID 2.jpg

    v - sTREET kID 2.jpg

    V street kid attire
  13. v - Nomad.jpg

    v - Nomad.jpg

    V male Nomad attire
  14. v - Nomad F.jpg

    v - Nomad F.jpg

    V male Nomad attire
  15. v - Nomad F 2.jpg

    v - Nomad F 2.jpg

    V male Nomad attire
  16. v - Nomad 2.jpg

    v - Nomad 2.jpg

    V male Nomad attire
  17. V - Corp.jpg

    V - Corp.jpg

    V male Corp attire
  18. V - Corp F.jpg

    V - Corp F.jpg

    V Female Corp attire
  19. V - Corp F 2.jpg

    V - Corp F 2.jpg

    V Female Corp attire
  20. V - Corp 2.jpg

    V - Corp 2.jpg

    V male in Corp attire
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