1. D

    Diablo 2 Rune Words calculator

    Hey guys, I know there are plenty of rune word calculators out there. There is even one on this very website but I wanted to make one for our diablo fan site and after it turned out pretty decently, I decided to translate it and share it with more people on the internet. You will find it on...
  2. Luhkoh

    Runefinding Calculator - Countess vs LK vs Travincal vs Cows

    [reposted from March 12, 2019] Hi everyone., I really like to do some practical D2 math, and even better if I can get a reusable calculator/spreadsheet from it. @Gripphon 's runefinding guide is one of my favorite posts ever, and I reference it all the time. (Link to guide - If you haven't read...