1. Chuppa

    D2 GAME CRASH??? Uninstall this...

    if you use Nvidia graphics card, you probably have “Nvidia HD Audio Driver” installed as well, you can uninstall these drivers in Programs and Features. It will reduce game crash, in my case game crash decreased by about 70%.
  2. Elly

    Bug - Key Bindings?

    I am having to change my key bindings every time I boot up. This happened during the alpha/beta but it's still happening now, every game. Is anyone else having this issue or heared of it as a reported bug?
  3. maxicek

    The MDR Bug

    All posts that are not in quotes are from SSog. Originally posted Apr 17, 2007 The only "MDR bug" that I know of goes as follows: If a player has PDR or MDR and gets hit with an attack that deals both physical *AND* elemental damage, and the player's PDR or MDR is enough to negate that...
  4. Friiser

    Skipping Baal waves

    Was cruising youtube today and stumbled upon MrLlamaSC's video on it. Could be wicked useful for certain builds, i.e. hammerdins and cold sorcs
  5. N

    Double Prefix Magic Demonhide Boots Plus Suffix.

    I've been on an identifying magic (blue) items kick due to building characters only using magic (blue) gear. Today I found this item in the hell AT sparkly chest that popped 7 magics. Another interesting thing about this is the second prefix, 'Tireless', has an extra 36% SSD on top of the...
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