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  1. ResTTe

    The Shrining - Shrines Revisited

    Hello guys! I did some Gem Shrine farming with my UT barb recently and decided to make a write-up about Shrines overall, focusing on the Gem shrine. I am not an expert in that subject, i just gathered some info (didn't play with game files, no backwards engineering), so please be gentle XD...
  2. ResTTe

    Barbarian Madness Continues - My SC untwinked 99 barb Holy Grail project

    Hello guys! I decided to spend some time and create a thread for my untwinked 99 barb Holy Grail project. As you probably know, my barb hit 99 on 14th of December. He lvled up as untwinked and his target is to finish the grail us untwinked. Lvling and early gear farming got me to ~35 items...