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    Bulging Biceps Barbarian Brothers Bodacious Blowout (Tournament)

    Finally got time away from work and the family to get this write started. Wulfstan the WW Barbarian started his journey lonely, missing his brother deeply. He knew he'd half to survive this journey and make it back to Harrogath to be reunited with his brother Weder in any way possible. Like...
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    MFO Summer 2020 Results

    @m4ke I won't be claiming any items. Sorry if I failed to mention that in the sign-up thread.
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    MFO Summer 2020 Results

    Quick post. Forgot to post my top 5 rare items from all the Pindle runs. Wish those gloves rolled Javs not Bow but still a solid pair for sure.
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    MFO Summer 2020 - Meet the Olympians

    Meet Rocky-I (named after Sylvester Stallone's character Rocky Balboa) He is my HC Pindle/Pit Zerker He started the journey with just over 1.780B exp and finished at just over 1860B. 2100 runs total. Rocky will finish this level off in the pits then sit for a little while. His gear: Perf...
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    MFO Summer 2020 Results

    Haul Pic of top 5 plus the 1 SOJ that dropped :cool: Now to the individual screenshots. Best rune-->LEM, or cube the 2xFAL that dropped to make a 2nd LEM, then cube those to get a PUL HAHAHAHA This was my first time taking apart in the MFO...I figured to get my feet wet, I'd pick an...
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    MFO Summer 2020 Signups and Running Thread

    Results sent in...Each update the score kept growing. Good luck topping the final score fellow Pindle+ runners. Super stoked with my score and my finds along the way. 2100 pindle runs exactly, then with the 55% hork it's over 3k worth of runs. I'll take that. Ended up with a total of 40...
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    MFO Summer 2020 Signups and Running Thread

    Just sent in the update on the score and I'm like 99.9% sure I extended my lead over ya'll in the PINDLE+ category. So have fun trying to catch up. If you ain't first, your LAST! -RICKY BOBBY FTW- WOO! Approximately 1,350 runs in not including the add maybe 50% more and make it a...
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    Most weird area you farm?

    I have a fire sorc and fire Druid that both farm the Mausoleum. A85 area but only like 4-6 boss packs on average. trapsin that farms Nihlathak’s temple all levels I’ve farmed City of the Damned with my pit barb too
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    MFO Summer 2020 Signups and Running Thread

    Personal Goals for MFO Don't die with my HC Zerker running Pindle. That shouldn't be too hard to do. Find either Death's Fathom or Griffons. Maybe bring my Grail from -18 to -10 (only 2 items he can't drop that I'm missing Tyreal's and Azurewrath)
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    Kaylyn the Magezon makes Guardian

    Kaylyn is part of the 7 Mis-Fit toons Sept I started this year. She is the 3rd of the 7 to make it through to Guardian. 2 of the 7 toons have perished along their respective journeys while 2 others have successfully made it. Kaylyn's Normal journey can be found there and her Nightmare...
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    Bulging Biceps Barbarian Brothers Bodacious Blowout (Tournament)

    This sounds very interesting to me. I have been wanting to start another Barbarian. Plus, I play strictly HC so that's set. This can be my break from my HC Sept of Guardians I'm trying to get done, plus the upcoming MFO. Entering Wulfstan the Whirlwind Barbarian. We shall see how far he...
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    MFO Summer 2020 Signups and Running Thread

    I'll throw my HC Zerker in this running Pindle+. I'll also be available for a team. Hopefully getting the grail down from -18 to possibly single digits... ------------------- Baal ------------------- Vildecor [1.14d SC FAM] ------------------- Pindle+ ------------------- Kstil3227 [1.14d HC...
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    Trading Profiles

    Forum Name: Kstil3227 Date Updated: 8/2/2020 Versions Played [<1.14d> <HC> <FAM>] -RWM -Gomule -HC only for all characters. -Don't plan on trading, just making for MFO -100% SF, some chars are untwinked and some are twinked during their respective playthroughs (I try to keep them untwinked...
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    Mis-Fit Guardians #3 & 4.....not so much...

    Azlynn the Phoenix Striker + Dragon Talon assassin has lost her battle at level 76. Nightmare P5 runs were feeling easy so I thought it was time to venture into Hell. She quested her way at P1 all through Act 1 with a few countess runs mixed in. She even took down Andariel. It was on her 2nd...
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    MFO Summer 2020 When?

    I'm in for any of the dates! Pindle or Pits with the zerker. Will need to roll a better pit map if I go that route but that's irrelevant in this post.