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    Patch News
  2. Splash Images

    Splash Images

    Images for news etc
  3. Johnny Silverhand

    Johnny Silverhand

    Johnny Silverhand relaxes in a diner.
  4. North Oak.jfif

    North Oak.jfif

    The more affluent area of Night City, North Oak.
  5. Grux

    Kobe Bryant Dead

    Pretty shocking stuff. Had to double-take the headline when I saw it.
  6. Barbarian Legendaries

    Barbarian Legendaries

    Example of Barbarian Legendary Items
  7. Barbarian Concept Art

    Barbarian Concept Art

    Barbarian Concept Art
  8. Cathedral


  9. Druid Legendaries

    Druid Legendaries

    Example of Druid Legendary Items
  10. Druid Concept Art

    Druid Concept Art

    Druid Concept Art
  11. Duriel


    Duriel returns in Diablo IV.
  12. Fractured Peaks

    Fractured Peaks

    The frosty looking Fractured Peaks zone.
  13. Hawezar


    Hawezar looking swampy
  14. Hell Gate

    Hell Gate

    Hell Gate opems
  15. Hell


    Depiction of Hell