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Wolf questions, enlighten me


Feb 15, 2005
Wolf questions, enlighten me

I have searched on the forum and most of the time i see that people say that ias on equip does not matter with wolf skill ias.

Is this ment in a way that equip ias does not work or that it isn't possible with equip to get another breakpoint ?

2de question

i heard this from a friend but i doubt it heavily, hence my question here

when dire wolves consume corpses they recieve an aura of some sort right ?
my friend claimed that it was fana and that it would effect you, the wolf druid.

is this true ? if so then putting points in dire wolves might be useful for the extra aura.

merc questions.

i am planning to use an a1 rogue merc
why u ask ? well she stays behind so she will not get the frontal attacks of the brothers on her.
i was thinking of equipping her with an edge so that i gain thorns aura.
is this viable ? will the merc do reasonable damage with the following equip
andy's visage ralled
edge bow => in what bow should i socket it ? crusader bow , hydra bow ?
either bramble armor if i can afford or shaftstop or duress or .... need some input here :)

i am using the core wolf fury build:
oak sage
cyclone armor

now i realise that resist are hard to max so i thought to seek a way to prebuff cyclone armor
i thought that cyclone armor recieved bonusses from twister ?
and i remember a unique ogre maul , the windhammer with a lvl 22 twister on it. will this improve my armor ?
or does this feature no longer work since the patch ?
i remember something like that in the patch changes but did not quite get it

will i get a better armor if i prebuff using spirit sword + shield or using the windhammer, assuming that it works.

that will be all thank you :thumbsup:


Jun 25, 2003
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1. Ias from equip just dont work, that should be enough by now for you (we all know they help a little bit in the first fury hit when using slow 2 hands weapon, but we dont wanna get our friend confused, do we? :thumbsup: ). So, forget about gear ias.

2.no idea about this, never hear about it though.

3. The best and most viable merc for a fury wolf is the might merc (act2 nm). This aura increases both his and you damage. If you give the merc a good weapon (eth obedience for the cheap, eth reapers or other expensive runewords) and leech from andariels, he will almost never die. As armor, eth fortitude is the one I fancy the most. Bramble if you enjoy the thorns aura, is cool.

4. Windhammer wont help with CA at all, sorry. Dual spirit is nice. There is a cheap weapon, earthshaker, with +3 to elemental skills, which is still better than spirit weapon for prebuff Ca, but you miss the bonus to shape skills, so dual spirit is the best combo, if u ask me.

The thing about sunergies you are asking is; there are itmes having charges to certains skills, you can have charges to many diferent skills of different chars, (ravens, tornado, nova, hurricane, bone prisions...etc). In 1.10, when this charges were synergies of an skill (i.e. like twister on windhammer being synergy of CA), and you had not put any point in that synergie, the charges worked as if you had invested the points on it, at the level they are in the item (lvl 22 of twister in this case, synergising CA, tornado, etc...). This would increase damage without spending skillspoints. This is not working anymore since 1.11.


Jul 3, 2005
Dire wolves "eats" a corpse and gets raged. This gives them a 50% additional damage, but has no effect on the wolf. It is not an aura. it only effects one wolf. not you, not other wolves. You can see some white sparkling balls over their heads when it is active. Though they eat many corpses, they only gets 50%, independant on skill level.

Still you can put points in them. They add more life to druid summons than they used to. With good equipment, 1 is enough all the way. Summons really help.