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where to mf? :)


Jul 17, 2005
where to mf? :)

hey guys.. i just have a couple of quick questions..

im a pure FO/ES sorc .. which means i only have cold skill.. and a merc to kill anythign thats cold immune (not very efficient at it at hell ..takes them 1by1 so waiting kinda sucks)

im wondering wheres the best place to MF to find high lvl stuff? i currently do andy meph pindle on hell .. i tried taking a look at pits but .. everythings cold immune so my question is this: is there anywhere else apart from pits where you can find high level uniques? the reason being im trying to find a tals armour (hahah.. gonna take a LONGGGG while) so i need some help as to where it is possible to farm it and at the same time low amounts of cold immunes for my merc to handle

ill list my setup if it helps

viper magi (20 resist since im ES..)
whistand guard sheal'd
tals ammy
shako (just found today off hell andy hehehe)
ethereal occy (found off andy AGAIN 2 days ago...god she loves me)
gloom trap belt (need to get tals belt.. -tryyyying)
25 mf huge resists (altho doesnt really do much for me) rare boots // btw suggestions for boots would be good.. apart from war travs is sandstorm better or water walk or aldurs?
30% nagel
10fcr 7mf 56 mana all resist 7 rare ring

merc uses:

stealskull casque 48 mf
duriels shell (would shaftstop be better? but if he uses shaft his resists would suck)
cruel stygian pike of swiftness 299% (found off hell baal heheh altho cruels arent good anymore i myself prize this as my best item found yet!)

if the answer is NO to my question i guess its time for a cookie meteorb sorc or hammerdin :( MOMMYYYY!!!!


Aug 6, 2005
I've heard a good deal about people with pure orbs. Just to nitpick, I don't know about you but to me your fcr seems a bit low :/. As far as your merc goes with the shaft, you can equip it as soon as his resistances become high enough I suppose (unless they are low at a high level, in which perhaps you should keep duriel's shell on). IIRC, there are a few places that have no cold immunes and are just like the pits (for dropping the desired treasures).


Jun 22, 2003
Mmm, Ancient Tunnels near the Lost City WP in Act II has no cold immunes and is the same Treasure Class as the Pits. If your pois res is any less than 0, I'd carry a few antidotes though, but the monsters are fairly easy. I run this along with Mephisto and Pindle when I make games on my Blizzy sorc.


Apr 27, 2005
in the mausoleum i think everyone is LI, and bloodraven drops well in my experience.