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Where should the rest of my Skill points go?

Nov 23, 2003
Where should the rest of my Skill points go?

20 Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mastery
1 Revive
1 Skeleton Mage
1 Skeleton Resist
1 Golem Mastery
1 Clay Golem
1 Blood Golem
1 Iron Golem
1 Fire Golem

1 Amplify Damage
1 Weaken
1 Iron Madien
1 Life Tap
1 Decrepify
1 Lower Resist

Where should I go from here?


Jun 23, 2004
I'm basically facing the same decision right now --- already have something like 10 skillpoints saved.

I did put 5 or so into CE already, and I'll probably do it like this:

  • add a bit more to CE, but not too much because I'm still almost naked (endgame wand, gloves and amulet), so mana is a big problem
  • then I'll work on mages
  • add the curses to lower resist
  • then I'll finish CE

I'll be adding curses after mages because I'm pretty much restricted to nightmare, so (hard or not) PIs aren't an issue yet. I haven't even killed Diablo yet --- no time for baalruns; collecting currency is more important right now.

I'm hoping to aquire gear pieces for me and my merc in the meantime.


Sep 13, 2004
Well, I hope you have Summon Resists and corpse explode which are both essential skills to any summoner. Both don't need more than 1 level. With those I show you having 43 points to spare assuming you don't level past 89 (really slow going to 99 from there).

Spend 3 points to get attract. It's really as cool as it sounds. Cast it one enemy and everything around it will attack it unless attacked by your minions. Very handy in particularly gritty melee scenarios where you minions have been amped and your enemies have been boosted by a fanatacism aura from a champion or something. The prereqs are both useful too and cost a lot less mana. Dim Vision shuts down ranged attackers until your minions can get at them and Confuse is great for keeping Oblivion Knights from casting curses by forcing them to engage their confused fellow monsters (OKs are immune to AI curses).

You got 40 left. Most would max out mages and corpse explode according to Nightfish's excellent summoner guide although some prefer to up Dim Vision because with a huge radius you can cast it at the edge of the screen shutting down enemies before you even see them.

A lot of people don't like mages because they don't do as much damage as warriors do and tend to die occasionally even when maxed. I like them because they give you a ranged magic attack that will help out against unreachable enemies like those things that spit poison from pools of water and unbreakable physical immunes. While their combined attack isn't insanely powerful it will add up against individual monsters and you won't get that kind of power from putting 20 points into poison or a bone skill. The other nice thing about them is that they shoot constantly until nothing is left unlike a hybrid skill that you will be competing for time with your curses and corpse explodes.

Also poison mages are even more important than ever before for shutting down the insane regeneration rates of all the new uber bosses because their poison duration is insanely long even though the attack does almost no damage (lasts up to and over ten minutes but damage is less than a point a second). Ice mages are also a nice addition to your clay golem's slow ability and decrepify when fighting bosses. Fire and Ice mages do the real damage and you will notice a difference if you selectively unsummon Ice and Poison mages (I usually only keep 1 each) to keep these guys in the majority.

I don't think maxing corpse explode is necessary but it's pretty cool with a full 20. It does 60-100% of the original health of a dead monster and the damage is split between fire and physical. More levels only increases radius. At around level 10 with plus skills it's quite sufficient for wiping out large groups of monsters (i.e. entire cow herds) in only 2-3 castings. With amp 1-2 castings will typically do the trick depending on what kind of resists the monsters have. Maxed at 20 it will easily start hitting things off the screen when combined with +skills. I wouldn't recommend putting more than five here until you have close to endgame gear and then see how you like it.