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What builds would be best for a full aldur's set?


Nov 19, 2003
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What builds would be best for a full aldur's set?

Found the last part of aldur's set this weekend, so now I already have the T-shirt, sneakers, moose head and the whacker.

How to make it work? It's my first "powerful set", so I'd appreciate being able to make it work. A summoner, maybe?

Also, what to socket the club with?


Jun 22, 2003
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aldurs is the worst calss specific set made

i suggest you search the forum for threads like this cuz i knwo there have been a few
May 14, 2005
This set is definitely the worst class-specific one, because of its speed-less fcr-less low damage weapon and skill-less pelt.
However if you still want to build Aldur Druid don’t look for Fury, Maul, Fire Claws and Elemental builds. IMHO you only left with Rabies Summoner.
And IMHO in this case the best is to socket it with rare 10% resist all jewels with other nice properties if you can find them.


Jul 20, 2005
aldurs sucks-you can probably get better equipment easily. IMO the better builds for this set is summoner or rabies or as the above poster said, rabies summoner
Yes, the set sucks, but it's also a lot of fun, and it is viable equipment for PvM. I patted my Aldur's Druid.

Originally, one of the best builds for Aldur's was Flaming Rabies (Fire Claw Werewolf who uses Rabies as a secondary skill), and that was what I made mine into.

But that was prior to patch 1.11, when the Carrion Wind synergy bug worked.

Over the course of one night, my Rabies damage dropped from 9k to 1.8k with +5 skills and not including the 6 Spiritual Grand Charms I had on it. If you do include the 6 Spiritual Grand Charms, damage drop from Rabies would be from 15k to 3k. :(

I am planning to rebuild my Aldur's Druid once I figure out what the best build for it will be in 1.11.

I was going to re-model the Flaming Rabies build a little bit (take away the one pointers from the Wind tree and Armegeddon, remove some points from Oak Sage, take away some of the Fire Claw synergies, and pump them into Poison Creeper) or try out a new build.

This Rabies Summoner sounds interesting. Too bad Aldur's doesn't give +1 to Summoning. In my opinion, they should have given the pelt +2 or +3 Summoning Skills.

So what's the skill distribution for a Rabies Summoner? Max Rabies and Poison Creeper, Grizzly and Dire/Spirit Wolf, remainder into pre-reqs and a Spirit? Or more into Werewolf/Lycanthropy and less into Summons?
I did some quick runs on a Synergy Calculator.

Edit: I assumed level 89. And the skill distribution is the same as found in the guides.

The damage listed here is the culmination of the following items:

Head – Aldur’s Stony Gaze
Amulet – Mara's Keleidoscope
Armor – Aldur’s Deception
Weapon – Aldur’s Rhythm (2x Shael, IAS Jewel or 3x Shael)
Shield – Stormshield/Lidless~Spirit Monarch
Gloves – Trang-Oul’s Claws/Magefist
Boots – Aldur’s Advance
Belt – Verdungo’s Hearty Cord/Arachnid's Mesh
Ring#1 – Raven Frost
Ring#2 – Carrion Wind (Good for covering Poison Resist, although not necessary)

With 6 Skillers maximum. With 6, you get enough room for the Horadric Cube, a Town Portal Tome, and a 4x2 space for picking up items. It's not like you're going PvP with Aldur's. :p

The following builds are the best for Aldur's Watchtower, I think:

1. Re-modelled Flaming Rabies, 6 Spiritual Skillers
- TO's, Verdungo's, SS

Fire Claws @ 8 fpa: 5,241 avg damage
Rabies @ 6 fpa: 10,697 avg damage (Not including TO's)


2. Flaming Summoner (based on AE's guide), 4 Natural and 2 Trainer's Skillers
- Magefist, Arachnid's

Without Lidless/Spirit:

14 frame cast rate
Fissure: 1601 avg damage
Volcano: 608 avg physical damage, 635 avg fire damage
Dire Wolves: 940 avg life, 302 avg damage (not including OS)
Grizzly: 5362 avg life, 359 avg damage (not including OS)

With Lidless:

13 frame cast rate
Improved damage in fire skills, improved damage and life from minions (not too much), but no max block

With Spirit Monarch (28% or more Fast Cast):

12 frame cast rate
Improved damage in fire skills, improved damage and life from minions (not too much), but no max block


3. Rabies Summoner (based on Lothric's guide), 6 Trainer's Skillers
- Verdungo's, TO's, SS

Rabies @ 6 (I think) fpa: 6636 avg dmg (not including TO's)
Dire Wolves: 1026 avg life, 724 avg damage (not including HoW)
Grizzly: 5850 avg life, 2554 avg damage (not including HoW)
HoW: +160% damage, +165% AR

You still have 3os to stick in Facets from the pelt and the armor.