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Werewolf or Werebear?

Dark Tyrant

Jan 26, 2004
Werewolf or Werebear?

When it comes to PvM, what's the opinion of the board in which to pick?

I'd like a skill and stat allocation along with it please. One that won't suck in Hell difficulty.
If you know what you're doing, no Druid will suck in Hell. If it's your first Druid, you should pick a Wolf because they are an easier first Shapeshifter. I'm not saying Werebears are more difficult once you know what you're doing, or that Wolves are better. In my opinion Bears are easier to use later and Bears are also better once you know what you're doing. It's up to you though.

Wolf - http://students.washington.edu/akrinke/werewolf/
Bear - http://students.washington.edu/akrinke/werebear/


Aug 27, 2003
I think if your new with the whole druid shifted builds you should go wolf. Both of them are awesome in their own way. However, WOLF are easier because they can handle a variety of equipment easier.