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Upping items


Jun 25, 2005
Owen Sound, Ontario
Upping items

Just a quick question about upping items and the benefits and drawbacks. Let's say I upgrade a Chance Guard/Magefist/Frostburn. Are the requirements and the defense the only thing that changes (I'll assume yes). Therefore (and please correct me if I'm wrong before I do this...I'm using the minimum values from http://www.d2data.net/item/gloves_all1.html btw and I'm not sure how the level requirements work. I heard that it is the item that you are upgrading +5, but how does this work for the second upgrade? The calculation is minimum defense * enh. def + defense bonus that I am using)

Chance Guards (+15 defense, +20-30% enh. def)
Normal : 26 def, Req. Str: 25, Req. Level : 15
Upgrade1: 60 def, Req. Str: 58, Req. Level : 25
Upgrade2: 86 def, Req. Str: 106, Req. Level : 51

Mage Fist (+10 defense, +20-30% enh. def)
Normal: 24 def, Req. Str: 45, Req. Level : 23
Upgrade1: 57 def, Req. Str: **, Req. Level : 25
Upgrade2: 81 def, Req. Str: 151, Req. Level : 57

Frostburn (+30 Defense, +10-20% enh. def)
Normal: 47 def, Req. Str: 60, Req. Level : 29
Upgrade1: 77 def, Req. Str: 110, Req. Level : 25
Upgrade2: 98 def, Req. Str: 185, Req. Level : 64

By the looks of it, at least one upgrade makes a world of difference. Can someone know if my estimates are close, if not for the defense, at least for the requirements?



Jun 23, 2003
San Francisco CA
Your numbers are pretty close but I can correct them slightly.
Chance Guards will always be either 27 or 28 def, low end upgrades will be 59 and then 85.
Things to remember that may have affected your calculations:
- Diablo 2 always rounds down, even if it is 99.9999 it becomes 99.
- Non-upgraded items which have enhanced defence do not have variable base def, they are always given the max base defence for the item type, plus 1. So eg Chance Guards start at 10 because Chain Gloves are 8-9, then the %ed makes them 12-13 (almost always 12 because of rounding) and then 27-28 after the +15.
- However, after the upgrade this max+1 is not done, the base def will be in the usual random range for the upgraded item type.
Similarly for the other uniques.

Str and Dex reqs on the upgraded item are indeed just those for the upgraded item type.

Level reqs are a bit more complicated. Upgrading adds a +5 penalty for normal->exceptional, and a +7 penalty for except->elite, and these stack. This penalty is applied after everything else is considered. Generally level reqs for an item in Diablo is simply the highest req for any of its component parts. Level req for Chain Gloves is 0, level req for "Chance Guards mods" is 15 - the highest is 15, so regular Chancies are 15. Once upgraded to Heavy Bracers, level req for those is 25, which is higher than "Chance Guards" mod at 15, so we are at 25 so far. Then the +5 is added, making a total of 30
(note it is not the highest of 15 for Chancies plus 5, versus 25 for Heavy Bracers. The max is taken first, then +5 added).

The elite upgrade penalty stacks, so you have +12. Vambraces are 51, so the level req on double upped Chancies is 63.

If you get tired of working these out for yourself, there is this calculator:
which will do it all for you. It is quite elaborate though (does more than just calculate upgrades) so it takes some learning. But somewhere on the page you can choose any unique you want and it will work out what it upgrades to.