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Ummmmm... I new i need help finding stuff to do


Jan 3, 2004
Ummmmm... I new i need help finding stuff to do

I started diablo a while ago ( a week or so )

I have no idea wht to do

I don't no wht ias or ed ( someone help me plz )

I just need to know the basics of diablo ( BREAKPOINT, IAS, ETC )

Right now i have a barb
IK helm
Getting IK belt
Griswold armor wit 3 p topaz in it
Silk of victor
Sig boot, gloves, belt

Imput is welcome :xx: :xmad: :xgift:

I heard Halcist like a information booth at the mall, but instead tells stuff about Diablo. Plz HELP ME HALCIST.....


Jun 22, 2003
The last place you look.
What are your skills?? It's really hard to help you without knowing a little about your char... This may help though. http://www.purediablo.com/guides/news.php?id=506

Ias = Increased Attack Speed
Ed = Enhanced Damage

For Abbreviations and terms, go here: http://www.rpgforums.net//showthread.php?p=1290695#post1290695

Edit: A breakpoint is when you keep adding something and it doesn't have an effect unless you surpass a certain point. (The breakpoint)

The breakpoints are different with each attack and with each weapon...

There are also Hit recovery breakpoints (After you get hit, you react faster) Block Rate Breakpoints (You block quicker) and Cast Rate Breakpoints (You Cast quicker... usually not an issue with a Barb)

I wouldn't concern myself with these things too much when just starting the game... You have to learn the true basics first and often you do that by playing the game.

Btw, His name is Halciet.


Jun 23, 2003
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DynastyFury said:

An example for a breakpoint (probably the one you hear about the most) is the bp's for whirlwind.

You need a certain amount of Increased attack speed to hit a breakpoint. For one handed weapons in whirlwind, there is a breakpoint at -10 and -35.

A colossus blade has a initial speed of 5. so if you put a shael in it (20% inc speed), you go down to -15. Your whirlwind will hit alot more ofter when passing a monster because you reached the -10 bp. The 'extra' 5 attack speed that you have doesn't really do anything. If you put another shael, you get to -35, and you hit even more then the -15 breakpoint.

Basically you need to have that exact number or less (neg numbers so it is less) or the increased attack speed won't really do anything. -5 won't be anything special.

For normal attacks like bash, concentrate, etc, there is an attack speed calculator that you can plug in your weapon and the amount of IAS you have and it'll give your fpa (frames per attack)

Hope this helps


Jun 26, 2003
Chapel Hill, NC
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Lol, damn, I go out for a bit and everyone handles my info-boothing for me ;)

They've covered the basics of what you're wanting to know. Breakpoints are totals needed to break certain "frames" with different statistics. "Frames" are how the game processes the graphics. By hitting a break-point, you perform a full action in less frames, which means you can perform more per second. For example, reaching an ias (increased attack speed) breakpoint will make you swing a frame faster, breaking a fhr (faster hit recovery) bp will make you recover from being hit a frame faster, etc.

As for IAS in general, as Alain and Zar mentioned, it depends on the attack. Whirlwind has fixed break-points that are divided into two categories: one handed swing/all swords, and two-handed weapons. All you need to do to see if you're hitting those is to subtract your weapon-ias from the weapon base-speed total.

Other skills, like concentrate, berserk, and bash, have varying breakpoints based on the base speed of the weapon. To find them, you use the weapon calculator we have at the top of the forum (http://stats.purediablo.com/calcs/wspeed.shtml). Once you get there, you set your class, the weapon swing-type, and in the "wsm" field, you put the base speed of the weapon, which can be found on purediablo.com. After that, you click "show table," and a little window pops up tell you how much ias you need (far left column) to hit the various frame breakpoints (far right). Weapon frame breakpoints cap out at 9 for barbarian melee skills, though some weapons are so slow it is impossible to get them down that far.

The barb FAQ usually covers all of this very well, but you've unfortunately picked a bad day to come to the forum, since the whole place was wiped yesterday. You could check the strategy compendium for some help; we have some excellent guides stored over there (though many of them are based on 1.09). I have the barbarian fhr and fcr (faster cast rate) tables listed in my guide, which alain has been so kind as to pimp for me (ty boss ;) ), along with some ias tables for the more popular one handed weapons.