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Trade Thread 28-01-2004


Nov 13, 2003
Evanston, IL
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Trade Thread 28-01-2004

Well, might as well post this thread, too.

Here is my updated trade list/want list. All items from 1.10 SC.

Highlights of my Trade List:
Lightsabre, Stone Crusher, Blackoak Shield, Wizardspike, Reaper's Toll, Djinn Slayer, Hellslayer, The Scalper(ethereal), Harlequin Crest, Snowclash, Demon's Arch, Arioc's Needle, Razor's Edge, Hellrack, Lava Gout, Blood Raven's Charge, Gheed's Fortune, Head Striker, Jade Talon, Boneslayer Blade, Ethereal Edge, Minotaur, The Scalper (ethereal), Spire of Lazarus, Rune Master (5-socket), Demon Limb, Grim's Burning Dead, Bloodmoon, Blackhorn's face, Shadow Killer, Titan's Revenge, Dracul's Grasp

Natalya's Totem, Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye, Laying of Hands, Dangoon's Teaching, IK's Stone Crusher, Dark Adherent, Hwanin's Splendor

Cruel Giant Thresher (26x%) w/18%LL

Rune Cowl Coronet
+4 Max Dmg,
22-34 Fire Damage
5% Mana Steal
8% Life Steal
14% Cold Res
14% Fire Res
14% Poison Res
53% Lit Res

Looking for:

M'avina's Circlet, Armor; Immortal King's Soul Cage; Tal Rasha's Amulet; Griswold's Sword and Shield
Vampire Gaze

Lem, Pul, other runes

Offers: PM or email me (j-kurtin(at)northwestern(dot)edu)


Jul 3, 2003
Delft, The Netherlands
I'm looking for the following items:

War Traveler
(perfect mf)
Rare or crafted gloves with +2 Bow and Crossbow skills, mf and 20% IAS.

And for my next project:
The Spirit Shroud
Arachnid Mesh
Stone of Jordan
Powered Amulet of Life Everlasting
4 Socket Staff with +3 Energy Shield
Ormus' Robes with +3 Energy Shield

PM or mail at [email protected] if you have any of these up for trade!
Aug 29, 2003
mid-europe wasteland
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trade lists (both v1.10)

ber rune

Steel Carapace (Shadow Plate)
Sandstorm Trek (Scarabshell Boots)
Jade Talon (Wrist Sword)
Lightsabre (Phase Blade) (2x)
Harlequin's Crest (Shako)
Flamebellow (Balrog Blade)
The Oculus (Swirling Crystal) (2x)
Windhammer (Ogre Axe)
Kira's Guardian (Tiara)
Spirit Forge (Linked Mail)
Gladiator's Bane (Wire Fleece)
Firelizard's Talons (Feral Claws) - eth
Nord's Tenderizer (Truncheon)
Heaven's Light (Mighty Scepter)

Tal Rasha's Horadric crest (Death Mask)
Natalya's Totem (Grim Helm)
Credendum (Mithrill Coil)

Cryptic Axe (5 socks)
Thunder Maul (6 socks)

Highlord's Wrath (Amy)
Spire of Honor (Lance)
Lycander's Aim (Ceremonial Bow)
Titan's Revenge (Ceremonial Javelin)
Corpsemourn (Ornate Plate)
Thundergod's Vigor (War Belt)
Earthshaker (Battle Hammer)
Frostburn (Gauntlets) (2x)
Gorefoot (Heavy Boots)
Hand of Blessed Light (Divine Scepter)
Facet (Poison)
Ravenfrost (3x)
Vampire Gaze (Grim Helm)
Gull (Dagger)
Moser's Blessed Circle (Round Shield)

Javelin and Spear GC

peace, NSK factory, and don't forget biscuits for smut


Jan 24, 2004
I have (softcore, and unsocketed unless stated otherwise)

2-63 lightning small charm
Arkaines Valor (+2 druid and zon)
2x Baranars Star (one with Amn)
2x Stormshield
Taebaek's Glory
(1.08) Viceratuant
Lidless Wall
1930 Def eth. Godly Bonewaeve
Godly Great Hauberk, Shadow Plate, Sacred Armor, Wyrmhide, Kraken Shell
2x Guardian Angel
2socket Sacred Armor
Sazabi's Ghost Liberator
+35res Vipermagi
2x Skullders
StealSkull (42%mf w/ IAS jewel, 69% w/ p.diamond)
Tarnhelm (74% w/p.diamond)
(1.08) Valk Wing (you better offer something good for this one! :p )
2xFire, 5xLightning, 2x Bone/poison, 1x Traps, 1x Javelin, 2x Elemental Skill Charms
24lightres/14maxdmg | 26lightres/15maxdmg jewel
IAS/49% Damage to Undeads jewel
2x Hellslayer
2x Wizardspike
Pestilent Shadow Bow of Pestilence (+509 poison damage over 10 seconds)
Too many rare and crafted gloves, belts, boots, circlets, rings, ammys to mention: ask for certian mods and I'll see what I can do.

IK Soulcage (you better offer something good for this one! :p )
Que-HEgan's Wisdom
2x Gladiator's Bane
+14MaxDamage/30% Damage to Demons jewel
35ed/7life jewel
Ondal's Wisdom
2x Bloodmoon

Looking for:
Herald of Zakarum
Jadetalon (+2/+2 ideal)
Runes Ist and above