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The Impossibility: The Melee Sorc

Aug 17, 2005
walnut creek, ca, usa
The Impossibility: The Melee Sorc

When I first started playing d2 when I was younger, I ran into a diamond in the riff. A character that stood out above all the others; the melee sorceress.

I’m now contemplating about how the creation of such a character might be possible in 1.11. Any ideas or criticism would be appreciated.

20 warmth
20 enchant
10 fire mastery
15 energy shield
possibly meteor or fireball as a backup/pvm attack

Strong enough to sustain items used.
Dexterous enough to have an acceptable attack rating
3:4 life/mana ratio

Of course there is the obvious problem of fire immunities. The melee sorc's main purpose would have to be pvp, as killing mass ammounts of monsters would be too time consuming.