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Some Advice Please


Jul 29, 2005
Some Advice Please

hmmm my druid is...
70 str
95 dex
rest vit?
gonna max werewolf, lycanthropy, and fury.
is that good?
should i get oak sage or heart of wolvarine?


Aug 8, 2005
ok here is my friends guide:

"Fury" Werewolf build
By: WNxSicyo


This is by far my favorite shapeshift druid, and I have been playing them since mid 09.

In order of maxing....
20 Lycanthropy
20 Heart of the Oak
20 Werewolf
20 Fury
20 Heart of Wolverine

Stat pts:
There are three builds here, mostly depending on your weapon.

Dex Build:
Say you use a fanged knife or another weap that gets dmg bonus off of dex.
Str: enough for gear
Dex and Vita: rest

Str build:
This works well with gris caddy or other weaps that get bonus from str.
Dex: enough for high block with full equip.
Str and vita: rest

Vita build:
This works best with botd zerker.
Str: minimal, just enough for equip, or a bit less.
Dex: enough for high block w/full equip.
Vita: all the rest.

There are many types of gear for this build. The ones I will explain are leveling gear and dueling gear. As a few pre-notes on gear, Druids do not get ias while shifted off of their armor, so if you put ias jewels in your armor, it will be a waste. That is why we need a very very fast weapon. Also, here are a few break points to keep in mind:

Faster Block Rate:
Frames: 9 8 7 6 5 4
%on items: 0 7 15 27 48 86

Faster Hit Recovery:
Frames: 7 6 5 4 3 2
% items/charms: 0 9 20 42 86 280

Leveling gear:
(key here is to get max res in hell)
Ideal: Chains of honor (65 all res and +2 skills, this will also be a chief buffing armor) or another high resistance giving armor.
Budget: Shaftstop with all res jewel/Um rune, anything else that gives high resistances.

Ideal: Jalal's mane for it's resistances and +skills, this will also be your buffing helm. Kira's guardian (+60ish all res)
Budget: Rare/magic druid pelt with good skills and resists. Rockstopper has decent resists. Veil of steel, any helm with decent resists.

Ideal: For lvling, use tgods for the light res, sorb, and the str/vit bonuses. This belt will save u time and time again against those lovely things we call burning souls. With this belt, u can tank them easy, while everyone else either dies or waits in town while you clear it, hahaha.
Budget: Bladebuckle? nightsmoke? Lenymo?!?! uh, rares?

Ideal: Soul spurs if u still need the resists, otherwise, gore riders, war travs, or shadow dancers.
Budget: low war travs or gore riders, rare boots, etc.

Ideal: Dracul's Grasp. nuff said
Budget: gloves with leech on them and possibly resists.

Ideal: honestly, Spirit Ward has some of the best mods for lvling in hell I've seen. It has 36 all res and can cast fade, which ups your resists 50% and if you already have max res, it will give you a slight absorb to all elements. Plus it makes you turn transparent, which is awesome (see my avatar). Storm Shield is your next best bet, for leveling.
Budget: Sanctuary, Mosers, Tiamat's, Gerke's

Leveling or dueling
Ideal: There are 4 main selections here.
One is Ethereal Breath of the Dying Bezerker Axe. I use this against some barbs and some zealots, few druids. It's slow compared to the other choices but has immense damage.
Two is a Cruel " " of Quickness. Options for this are: (including sockets)
Fanged Knife: Shael and 40/15 ias
Mythical Sword: Shael Shael 40/15 ias
Cryptic Sword: 3x 40/15 ias
Ataghan: shael 40/15 ias
Phase Blade: 2x 40/15 ias
Three is Griswold's Redemption (set Cadaceus) with 3 40/15 ias jewels and either another jewel that adds dmg, or a Lo Rune for Deadly Strike.
Four is a crazy rare that hits the proper speed that we need, which is 95% ias on a zero base speed, 85% on a -10, and so forth. Good luck finding one of these, as they are super rare, an example of one is:

Budget: These are slower than the others, have less dmg, or are just not as good. Shael'd Baranar's Star; Phase Blade with 3 40/15, 2xShaels, and Lo; Rares; other stuff like that.

The pretty stuff is last. Here, I would use a Highlord's Wrath amulet accompanied with a closest to Perf or Perf Raven with a Ring that has mana leech and resistances, possibly dual leech.
Budget: Rare amulets, Saracen's Chance, Mahim Oak, or Angelic set. Raven Frost is very needed here, and rare rings could be ok.

Buffing gear:
Do not buff if you are playing in a druidpk game, it is considered bm (bad manner). This gear you have in your stash and on your weapon switch.
Rings & Amulets: Soj's or BK rings, with mara's or another +2 druid skill amulet.
Weapon: Mang Song's lesson, +4 Ondals, or +4 arioc's. Mang's is +5, ondals has that nice xp bonus for leeching when ppl don't need a TANK, and arioc's is ariocs. If you don't have any of these, go with fleshrender and one of the shields below.
Shield: Lidless or Sigons or a Splendor (eth Lum)
Armor: any +2 skill armor.
Helm: Jalal's
Belt: if u want to go this far, Arachnid Mesh.

Dueling Gear:
This is all ideal gear, I am not including budget items here, see leveling gear for that, if you wish to duel with this character, you must be seriously willing to put a lot into it. This build is mainly meant for dueling good mannered melee folk in Druidpk or Palapk. I've beaten some paladins with this build that use Botd and Exile with a high defense armor and CoA, they were good builds too. I haven't dueled many new druids with it yet, but in 09 I reigned king of most duels I went into. One very good thing that you will want is faster hit recovery, look at the breakpoints up at the top. The good one to hit that's not too sacrificing is 3 frames, 86%. Deadly Strike is also a very key element on PvP druids, which is why most of us use Highlord's amulet and Gore Riders, as well as a Lo when appropriate in our weapons. Max, or near Max block is also ideal for PvP. Druid's don't have that much defense, yet have the fastest hit recovery rate and a fast blocking rate to make up for it.

Armor: All depends on what weap. Use a Jeweler's armor with the suffix of Stability or Whale. The sockets depend on your weap. 4x 30 max jewels give tons of dmg, but if you use a cfkoq or ccsoq, you might want to go with a 160/40 min. This armor is highly covetted by most PvP werewolves that use fury. The max DR you can have in the patch of 1.10 is 50%, not 75% like in 09, sadly. So u want near this ammount, and most of it comes from our....

Shield: Storm Shield, bottom line. Put a shael in it so you meet the 48% bp on faster block, it will help you a lot, trust me.
Helm: Jalal's mane, for str bonus, fhr, and res, among other bonuses.

Gloves: Dracul's grasp is seen as bad-manner in Druidpk because of the life tap, it pretty much let's you cheat your duel. If your oponent dislikes your drac's, use Steelrends, bloodfists, or good leech gloves with crushing blow, deadly strike, and/or stat's.

Jewelry: 08 Highlords with two nearest to perf/perf RavenFrost's for dueling druids and others. For huge defense pally's and conc barbs, use angelics with 1 raven.

Gore Riders: for the mods they have.
Shadow Dancers: good dex mod as well as Faster Hit Recovery.
Sandstorm Trek's: Stats with fhr.

Verdungo's Hearty Cord with as near perf stats that you can get.

All depends on what weap u use. Most ppl use 40 ed with str or dex jewels to go with their weapon, dex on cfkoq, and str on str bonus weapons. Shael gives fhr, shael your ss for faster block frame. If you can hit the proper ias bp on your weapon, put a Lo rune in it if you have room. Lo gives deadly strike, and deadly strike means more dmg. High chance, more dmg.

Ideal: 39x permed 3/20/20's and high attrib anni.
Budget:ss gc's, and any dmg/AR moded charms you can get as well as skill charms and life charms.

This is what I've got to say on druids. They are very fun to play, and are very fun to duel with when you are dueling good mannered folk and other melee characters. Druidpk////1 is a good game to play in, as well as palapk////1 and the druid channels. If you're seriously good, grove///duel and grovepk///1 are good as well. also op druidpk is good to hang out in and ask for help or what not. Make sure you don't use draculs for dueling unless they have life tap as well, drac's are seen as bad manners by most druid duelers and by the best pallys. Good luck if you decide to take this build on, and Happy Hunting.


Jul 29, 2005
errr... correct me if im wrong but someone told me druids could only have 1 spirit out at a time? so why would i want oak sage and how?


May 23, 2004
geometryb said:
errr... correct me if im wrong but someone told me druids could only have 1 spirit out at a time? so why would i want oak sage and how?
They are good for different situations in pvp (player vs player), so maxing both is helpful when you need one or the other. If this isn't for pvp, then max oak.