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Slaying The Uber Diablo


Jul 17, 2003
Slaying The Uber Diablo

First, I will explain how to find Uber Diablo.
About 4 weeks ago or so, a post appeared on battle.net forums, explining how to spawn him (It is widely believed that Blizzard made this post under disguise, to try to make people sell SoJs). It worked. Many people started using the method. Basically, once diablo spawns on server ip. Each game you make has different ip, the ips range from xxxxxxxx.30:4000 to .xxxxxxxx.180:4000. When diablo spawns on an ip, all games connected to that ip receives the spawn. To find your game's ip, Alt+tab, and type: Netstat -n in the CMD (Command prompt), you will see a list of ips, the number right in front of :4000 is the ip you are connected to.
People on the battle.net forums started posting ips that they received soj msgs on, and people would all try to get into that ip. Then the people with sojs would start selling sojs. You may wonder how people have so many sojs. The fact is that regardless of classic/expansion, ladder/nonladder, softcore/hardcore, all games on that ip will get the spawn. So people made games on for example .49 ip nonladder softcore, and then try to get ladder .49 games, then sell sojs.
To get these ips, read the sticky on battle.net forums.
Now, to kill the clone.
I like to spawn him at eldrich ( i never even attempted to use the shenk trick, it's faster to just kill him).
First, the easiest character classes to kill him are: amazon, paladin. A melee javazon is the best, lightning strike and charged strike simply dominates diablo, especially if you use lower resist wand. Paladin kills him a little slower. I know other classess with certain builds can also do it, but i am not familiar with them.
I've only had experience killing him with Hammerdin. Here's how I do it: Switch to lower resist wand, cast lower resist, swap lower resist with a Ith-el-eth (prv heal) weapon, charge clone, then switch to normal hammerdin gear, and blast away. The most crucial gears that you need to have are Rising sun, thundergods. These arent that expensive to get anymore, and I am sure you can find one for a pul or so on the forums here.
As a reference, here's my setup:

Helm: Um shako
Weapon1: Heart of the oak
Shield1: Um, upgraded Herald of zakarum (shouldnt of upped)
Weapon2: Lower resist charges wand/ Ith el Eth sword
Shield2: Um, Herald of zakarum
Amulet: Rising sun
Armor: Enigma dusk shroud (guardian angel or viper magi are also good)
Gloves: Magefist
Belt: Thundergods
Ring1: Stone of jordan
Ring2: Stone of jordan/wisp projector
Boots: Marrowwalk

If you dont have these kinds of items, i'd say that you can kill him with: FCR, + skill circlet, wizardspike, herald of zakarum, lowerresistwand/itheleth, rising sun, vipermagi or guardian angel, magefist. thundergods, fcr/resist rings, silkweave.

I havent used amazon on diabalo yet, my friend has. The key thing is still thundergods. But use dwarf star/wisp projector, and higlords wraith or maras amulet. A thunderstroke would be better than titans.

Hope this helps.


Nov 15, 2003
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Kickassasin totally owns Uber Diablo.

Also, lower resist doesn't help your hammers. It lowers only elemental reistances, not magic. I usually have a PMH, CB, OW dagger in switch and then smite him few times and then hammer him to death.


Jul 17, 2003
You don't need uber 1337 gear to kill the D-Clone solo. I can kill him easily with a Zealadin, with the following gear:

Weapon: Stormlash
Shield: 4 P-Diamond Zakarum Shield (+108 Resists)
Helm: 12% StealSkull
Amulet: Mahim Oak Curio
Armor: 3 P-Topaz Griswold's Armor
Belt: String of Ears
Gloves: Sigons
Boots: Sigons
Ring: Raven Frost
Ring: Bul Katho's Wedding Band

A few resistance charms, to max most of my resists and I have no trouble at all.
Jun 22, 2003
Burlington, VT
GloryField said:
(It is widely believed that Blizzard made this post under disguise, to try to make people sell SoJs).
That is not widely believed, and assuredly false. This method was figured out by players.
GloryField said:
To get these ips, read the sticky on battle.net forums.
Battle.net forums have banned the posting of game ip's.

GloryField said:
lightning strike and charged strike simply dominates diablo,
Charged strike is probably the best DC killing skill around, however lightning strike is essentially useless since you will only hit DC with one bolt of chain lightning.