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Semi-OT: Can't get decent screenshot

Jun 3, 2004
Bangor, Maine
Semi-OT: Can't get decent screenshot

I've been wanting to change my avatar lately (guess why), plus the addition of the new "screenshot forum" at D2.net makes posting a little more fun.

However, I've been trying screenshots from my laptop lately, and they're not coming out w/ the correct colors. Everything's too dark, and you can't decipher what you're seeing. I assume it's a video card thing, but I'm not too technically proficient. I know something's wrong with my computer 'cause sometimes I have to reinstall my card in order to play, but I always thought that ATMA was causing it somehow.

My only idea is to change my video setting to Direct3D and see what happens. Anyone with a better idea?


Jan 27, 2005
on my laptop i have to be in direct3 mode to take a screen shot with printscreen