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Repost: Skellimancer Bible


Jun 22, 2003
Kansas City, MO
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Skellimancer Bible pt. 1 "by: g"

1.10 Skellimancer Bible

At this point, I am hoping to combine all the information I’m seeing about skellimancers in regards to builds, skills, mf possibilities and areas, faq’s so on and so forth. Necromancers are versatile characters, and since 1.10 have finally gotten some respect, but have now been dumbed down as “the bowazon†of 1.10. Phooey to those nay-sayers always sitting in their towers…[/end Tenacious D rant]

1. Terms (breakdown of skills / gears / general terms used)
2. Stat / Skill breakdown for Poison Nova Build
2a. Stat / Skill breakdown for Max Warrior / Mage Build
3. Gear Selection
4. Magic Finding
5. Leveling Up
6. Cubing Recipes

Remember this is for Skellimancer’s only!

The character class Necromancer that specializes in raising minions (skeletons) to do his evil bidding. Also known as Overlords in 1.09 (previous version of Diablo II)


Summon Tree:
SM: Skeleton Mastery: Boosts Life / Damage of your Skeleton’s (warriors/mages)
RS: Raise Skeleton Warrior: Raises Skeletons from corpses, they are your main killer.
SM: Summon Skeleton Mages: Raises Mages that “shoot†cold/poison
CG: Clay Golem: Insane Life, “slow†property on attack
GM: Golem Mastery: Adds life/damage to your golem
SR: Summon Resist: Adds Resistances to your Golem/Mages/Revives (?)

Poison / Bone Tree
CE: Corpse Explosion: Explodes the corpses of your fallen enemy. Does not work on your mages/skeletons/mercs/revives. Does 50% Physical / 50% Fire damage. Each point here increases the radius of the explosion damage, not the actual damage done.
PN: Poison Nova: An exploding ring of Poison damaged centered on the Necro.
BA: Bone Armor: An armor of bone that protects you from incoming physical damage. Not all to important to your skellimancer, since you should not be getting hit.

AMP: Amp Damage: Increases physical damage taken by 100%. So this is beneficial to your merc, your warriors, and your CE
DECREP: Decrepify: Slows your enemies movement (less attacks), lowers their damage dealt, and adds a lower version of amp damage (50%, instead of 100%)
DV: Dim Vision: Temporary “blindness†is the best description. Very helpful if you find your crew fighting toe to toe with some baddies while getting picked off by a group of rangers in the distance. (example: pits have rangers and melee baddies. Blind the rangers while your crew works on the melee. **also** great for the GLOAMS everyone loves in a4/a5)

FCR: Faster Cast Rate. Generally not a issue for Summoners.
RES: Resistances. As seen in the player window. How our character will fair against elemental damage attacks (fire / light / cold / poison)
STR/DEX/VIT/NRG: Stats. Strength / Dexterity / Vitality / Energy
PI: Physical Immune. Your minions deal Physical Damage, and CE is ½ Physical Damage.
IM: Iron Maiden. A curse (necro curse actually) that will waste your crew. Especially harmful to your merc. Basically it adds a multiplier on the damage dealt, then returns it to you (or merc in this case). TP to town and get this curse off of you immediately. Typically found in a4 chaos sanctuary.
CBF: “Cannot Be Frozen†– A very helpful item mod. Not as important for the Skellimancer as it is his Merc. Duriel’s Shell comes to mind as a good merc item with this mod.
TWINK: Basically, do you have the items your character is going to use at the end of the game already planned out, and AQUIRED?
FRW: Run/Walk. Item mod that gives you advanced speed to your RUN/WALK.
SHOPPED: Any item you shop at an NPC for. Wands basically are what we look at.

SHAKO: “Harlequin’s Crest†– Unique Shako. Useful for +skills / life / mana / dr
ARM: “Arm of King Leoric†– Insane +skills for a Summoner / fcr
HOMO: “Homonculus†– Extremely useful unique Necro only shield. Slang term for San Franciscans. :)
TRAVS: “War Travelers†– Unique War Boots. Useful for MF Mods.
VIPER: “Skin of the Vipermagi†– Unique Armor. Useful for it’s +1 all skills, bonus to fcr/mana/res
HOTO: “Heart of the Oak†Runeword – Useful for ALL of it’s mods!
VALOR: “Arkaines Valor†– The “end all be all†of 1.09, not as useful anymore.
WIZ / WIZZY: “Wizard Spike†– Unique Bone Knife. Useful for its HUGE mana bonus and FCR. No +skills, so while very cool, there are other options.
SOJ: Stone of Jordan – Unique ring widely loved for its +1 skills, and tons of mana
BK: Bul-Kathos – Unique Ring widely loved for its +1 skills, and life bonus
RAVEN: Ravenfrost – Unique Ring adored by all phys attackers for its CBF/DEX/AR boosts. Not too helpful here, but CBF is sexy in it’s own way :yup:

STR: Enough for gear. 100-110 is a good number. Really depends on how “twinked†your character is. I went untwinked, and got it to about 100, and only added when I found my boots (110 str req)
DEX: Enough for gear. IHMO 75% block is a waste of TONS of life. The main reason for no block is that with, say 10-15 Skellie’s / 1 Golem / 1 Merc / 2 Mages / 2 Revives there isn’t much that is going to be getting past all that and into you. The only reason you’d need ANY dex is because of the requirement on WIZ. If you do not plan on using wiz, then no dex necessary
VIT: REST. TONS. ALL OF IT. Get the point?
NRG: Again, seriously based on 2 things. 1) Twinked? If so, do you get lots of mana from items? 2) LVL of CE you use. That is the big mana intensive spell in your arsenal, so if it’s low, so is the mana cost. If it’s high, so is the mana cost. 50 for low ce or twinked players. 70-100 for high ce/untwinked

The following is how I would do it. The one trick many do not understand about this build is that there is a lot of flexibility in terms of skill points. The “basics†are simple. Max Warrior / Mastery. 1 in Clay Golem / Mastery. Sprinkle in some Curses, and CE and your done. So “theoretically†you could be done by level 50. A lot of people love mages, and/or revives. Some love bone armor / wall / prison. Some love maxing curses. It’s all up to you and how you like to play. If it’s your first time, just go with the basic. Do 1 point, and if it’s something you like, run with it.

What I have listed will be complete by level 76, which is a very realistic level for this build. You will be cruising in hell, so this is not the typical, “at lvl99 you’ll have blah blah blah.“

Once things are the way they, plunk some into your PN synergies, or more CE or whatever is floating your boat.

Max Skeleton Mastery
Max Skeleton Warrior
1 Clay Golem
1 Golem Resist
*1* Summon Resist
1 Blood Golem (pre-req only)
1 Iron Golem (pre-req only)
1 Skeleton Mage (see entire section on “magesâ€)
1 Revive

*The 1 into Summon Resist is for the fact that after all is said and done in terms of gear and all. You should get this number to 6 or so. This is where the diminishing returns kick in and every point would be better spent somewhere else. So if you have +3 skills, place 3 into the skill itself.

1 Teeth (pre-req)
5 CE
1 Poison Dagger (pre-req)
1 Poison Explosion (pre-req)
20 Poison Nova

1 Amp Damage
1 Weaken
1 Terror
5 Decrepify
5 Dim Vision
1 Confuse (Use in conjunction with Attract against monsters your not fighting ATM)
1 Attract (Use in conjunction with Confuse against monsters your not fighting ATM)

This is what I really have to say on this…it’s up to you. I cannot tell you if you’ll like it. Manits, kbob, necrochild, Disco Jesus couldn’t tell you. I personally feel that they are more of annoyance. IHMO, for them to be truly effective, you should use the curse LOWER RESIST, which you can see from all my rantings and ravings has a whopping ZERO points into it. Some say that they get in the way, or they do this or that. Personally, they are kind of cool. But again, me using decrep / amp all the time does nothing for them. So my play style does perfect with 2 of them (slvl 2). Learn one thing in life, MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND!

STATS / SKILLS for WARRIOR / MAGE BUILD *submitted by Mad Mantis

*Also refer to stats on poison nova build for more information*
STR: 80 – More or less for gear
DEX: Enough for roughly 50% block
VIT: Rest
NRG: 70

Max Skeleton Mastery
Max Skeleton Warrior
Max Skelton Mage
1 Clay Golem
1 Golem Resist
*1* Summon Resist

*The 1 into Summon Resist is for the fact that after all is said and done in terms of gear and all. You should get this number to 6 or so. This is where the diminishing returns kick in and every point would be better spent somewhere else. So if you have +3 skills, place 3 into the skill itself.

1 Teeth (pre-req)
1 Bone Armor
10 Corpse Explosion
1 Bone Wall
1 Bone Prison
1 Bone Spear

1 Amp Damage
10 Dim Vision
1 Weaken
1 Iron Maiden
1 Terror
1 Confuse
1 Life Tap
1 Attract
6 Decrepify
1 Lower Resist


I’ll just go ahead and quote Mad Mantis, since he posted more of the “math†version.

Mad Mantis said:
If you put 20 Skill points into CG, BG, IG, FG and GM then your Golems will be like this:

Clay Golem Level: 20
Attack: 940
Defense: 800
Life: 4590
Life: 8032 (N)
Life: 12622 (H)
Damage: 17-44
Damage: 17-53 (N)
Damage: 26-61 (H)
Attack Bonus: +400
Slows Enemies: 63 percent
Mana Cost: 72

Blood Golem Level: 20
Life: 1005
Life: 1940 (N)
Life: 3185 (H)
Attack: 960
Defense: 820
Converts 138 percent damage to life
Damage: 53-141
Damage: 79-203 (N)
Damage: **-238 (H)
Mana Cost: 101

Iron Golem Level: 20
Life: 1836
Life: 3570 (N)
Life: 5880 (H)
Damage: 15-41
Damage: 24-66 (N)
Damage: 26-72 (H)
Attack: 980
Defense: 840
Thorns damage
435 percent damage returned
Defense Bonus: +700
Mana Cost: 35

Fire Golem Level: 20
Life: 1878
Life: 3678 (N)
Life: 6078 (H)
Attack: 1020
Defense: 900
Absorbs ** percent fire damage
Damage: 10-27
Damage: 15-39 (N)
Damage: 18-47 (H)
Fire Damage: 401-449
Holy Fire 34-36
Mana Cost: 240

Now let's look at a Zombie from Act 1 Hell:
Hit Point: 3238
Defense: 907
Damage: 45-106

And a Death Lord from Act 5 Hell:
Hit Point: 13911
Defense: 1828
Damage: 76-115

So you can see that you can't trust on your Golems to do the killing for you.

So as you can see, they aren’t “killersâ€. So why Clay Golem? That little cute thing that says: “Slows Enemies ___ percentâ€. On bosses, hit ‘em with Decrepify, and summon CG boy next to him and you’ve got one slow boss.


Jun 22, 2003
Kansas City, MO
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Skellimancer Bible pt. 2 "by: g"

So what are the numbers at different levels for my skeletons, CE and PN?

Skeleton Warriors (Number shown is for slvl of rs and sm, assuming same lvl in both):
20 – 8 Warriors / DMG: 124-127 / Life: 559(h)
21 – 9 Warriors / DMG: 137-140 / Life: 588(h)
24 – 10 Warriors / DMG: 185-187 / Life: 675(h)
27 – 11 Warriors / DMG: 241-243 / Life: 762 (h)
30 – 12 Warriors / DMG: 309-312 / Life: 849 (h)
33 – 13 Warriors / DMG: 387-390 / Life: 936(h)
36 – 14 Warriors / DMG: 473-476 / Life: 1023 (h)
39 – 15 Warriors / DMG: 566-570 / Life: 1110(h)
42 – 16 Warriors / DMG: 667-671 / Life: 1197(h)

Corpse Explosion(slvl does not affect dmg done, it only affects the radius):
Damage is a constant of 60-100 Percent of Corpse’s Original Life (50% phys / 50% Fire)
1 – 2.6 yards / 15 mana
5 – 4 yards / 19 mana
10 - 5.6 yards / 24 mana
15 – 7.3 yards / 29 mana
20 – 9 yards / 34 mana
25 – 10.6 yards / 39 mana
30 – 12.3 yards / 44 mana

Poison Nova (will note the lvl of synergy’s as “syn: poison explosion / poison daggerâ€):
20 (syn: 1/1) – 427-468 / over 2 seconds (223.75 pdmg per second)
20 (syn: 5/1) – 569-625 / over 2 seconds (298.5 pdmg per second)
20 (syn: 10/1) – 748-820 / over 2 seconds (392 pdmg per second)


None of that nonsense here fellas. I play ladder, and this guy was untwinked, so it was ugly at first. But the beauty of this char is that he went mf’ing and came out with some goodies!

I’ll make a list of items that are useful, mods that can make rares sexy, or even easy ways to socket normal items you find.

Unique: Shako / Kira’s / Undead Crown / Tarnhelm / Wormskull
Rare / Crafted: +skills (either summon or p+b preferred) / res / stats (str/dex/vit/nrg) / mana / mf / life
Runewords: LORE (ort+sol)
Normal: rubies add to life. skulls give mana regen which is very helpful at low lvl’s, and sapphire’s add to your mana

Unique: Viper / Que-Hegan’s (similar to viper)
Rare / Crafted: I’ve never seen a rare armor worth using. Sorry.
Runewords: Enigma (Jah + Ber + Ith). Smoke (Tal + Eth)
Normal: Same as helmet’s really. Just socket em up as you find em.

Unique: Frostburns (huge mana bonus) / Chance Guards (mf) / Magefist (mana regen / fcr)
Set: Trang Oul’s Gloves (+2 curses)
Rare / Crafted: res / mf / stats / life and or mana

Unique: War Travelers (mf) / Silkweave (mana / frw)
Set: Aldur’s Advance (lots of frw)
Rare / Crafted: mods to look for - stats (str/dex/vit/nrg) / res / mf / frw

Unique: Arachnid Mesh (+1 skills / fcr / etc.) / Goldwrap (upgrade for more slots) / Gloomstrap (life / mana)
Set: Tal Rasha’s Belt (mf / dex)
Rare / Crafted: mods to look for – fcr / stats / res / mf

Unique: SOJ (+1 skills / mana) / BK (+1 skills / life) / Nagel (mf) / Dwarf Star (fire res / absorb for fighting Diablo / Diablo Clone)
Set: We all know these are 100% jokes!
Rare / Crafted: mods to look for – fcr / stats / res / mf / life

Unique: Mara’s (+2 skills / res)
Set: None for us guys…
Rare / Crafted: mods to look for – skills / fcr / stats / res / mf / life /TELEPORT

Unique: Spectral Shard (fcr) / Arm (godly) / Boneshade (mostly p/b) / Wiz (res / mana / fcr) / Blackhand Key / Suicide Branch (poor man’s wiz)
Set: None of the sets are really worth mentioning. A “shopped†wand would be better then most set wands
Runeword: “WHITE†(dol/io) – mostly P/B ihmo
Rare / Crafted: Rare mostly, but a good one would have skills / stats / res / mf

Unique: HOMO (+2 all / +2 curses / good blocking / res / mana) / Moser’s Blessed Circle (lots of res, and 2 open sockets to add more res to) / lidless wall (+1 skills / fcr / mana)
Set: Trang Oul’s Wing
Runeword: “RHYME†(shale/eth) – Good for mf / cbf / res
Rare / Crafted: Rare mostly, but a good one would have skills / stats / res / mf

Just look for what your lacking. If you need resistances, the max is 11% to a single element. I have about 10 small res charms, a couple mf charms.

NOTE: Annihilus Charm / Gheed’s Fortune
Anni: +1 Skills / Stats / Res / Experience
Can only be found by killing Diablo clone. Can only carry one at a time.
Gheeds: MF / Gold / Cheaper NPC Selling
Can only carry one at a time

Helmet: Crown Of Thieves (LL) / Tal’s Mask (LL) / Blackhorn’s (slow / lr)
Armor: Shaft (DR) / Lionheart (runeword: hel/lum/fal) (stats / res) / Duriel’s Shell (cbf) / Venom Ward (this is my personal favorite. I upgraded it for extra defense.)
Weapon: There are quite a few unique pole’s that do good. The elite ones are obviously sexier. Don’t forget you can upgrade now from normal to exceptional to elite (ladder only) on all rare / unique items. You can also “unsocket†items, incase you have to “hel†an item until your merc (or yourself) can equip it. Then resocket it with something “uber l33tâ€.

So you say I can mf with this guy?
Yes young padawan. With the introduction to the masses of 1.10 and our glory being known far and wide, yes, we can actually mf too!
As you may have noticed all the items above have MF as a mod to look for. At higher levels, a well built / well played (there are differences in those two people!) skellimancer can play naked. So if you can play naked (not the kid behind the screen…the guy ON the screen…tisk tisk sicko!), then you can play with all mf!

Here’s the catch. You don’t want to do runs slowly, or die every other MF run. So find a balance that suits you, and run with it. At first I just socketed my playing gear (vipermagi / undead crown) with p.topaz’s for the mf and stability of killing speed. In time and with experience (both my own learning how to play, and in game leveling up) I have since moved on to the wonderful 4 topaz armor / 3 topaz helm. Just remember that you have to kill to get drops, so if you kill slowly, then what’s the point?

Try to find an item with Teleport charges, as it makes life extremely easy. Amulets can have them, so gambling is good. Spellsteel, the unique axe, has charges so that’s good on weapon switch. Also the runeword ENIGMA has teleport on it, but it’s pricey and I’m cheap. It don’t mix.

So where do you go mf?
Let me list the popular areas, and briefly explain what you can expect:

The Pit – Just outside of the Tamoe Highlands. Check this link for a beautiful guide with all the info you need to know on the pit.
Countess – Snuck away underneath all those levels of baddies is the countess. The cool part, is that with all those bosses, you can find good stuff just getting to her…she has a good chance to let go of good runes by the way.
Andariel – The boss. She may be tricky to get to, but she can drop some goodies.

As a skellimancer, this entire act should reduce you to a whining crying little girl…

Travincial – Run from the TP out into the openness, and fight all those pretty little super unique’s. Good drops. Takes some practice to get used to
Mephisto – Man, they sure did change the way the 2nd level looks huh? It’s huge now! But it can be done, and he drops good.

Not recommended

Eldritch / Shenk: First wp, go up, then go down. Simple. Well, you’ll see
Pindle: Red Portal near Anya. You can raise your army with the corpses in his cute little garden.
Baal / Minions: Very nice drops, but the difficulty curve goes up on these guys. Not impossible, but harder then the other suggestions.

My mf runs look like this:
1. Raise army in a1
2. Countess
3. Pit Run (kill ‘em all!)
4. Travincial
5. Mephisto
6. Eldritch / Shenk
7. Pindle

Each run takes me 20-30 minutes depending on the length of finding mephisto, but it’s worth it. I’ve gotten “uber l33t†items from those runs!


Jun 22, 2003
Kansas City, MO
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Skellimancer Bible pt. 3 "by: g"

Now I understand that you don’t start at act1 hell at clvl 80, so let’s go through how this guy can get from clvl1 / a1 to the end of the game…I’ll go fast.

Lvl 2:
Skill Point: Amp Damage (your wand gives you a skellie)
Stat Points: Strength

Lvl 3:
Skill Point: Skeleton Warrior
Stat Point: Strength

Lvl 4:
Skill Point: Skeleton Mastery
Stat Point: Strength

Lvl 5:
Skill Point: Skeleton Warrior
Stat Point: Strength

Lvl 6 (using den of evil point):
Skill Point: Corpse Explosion / Teeth
Stat Point: Vit / Str

Lvl 7:
Skill Point: Skeleton Warrior
Stat Point: Vit

Lvl 8:
Skill Point: Skeleton Warrior
Stat Point: Vit

Lvl 9:
Skill Point: Skeleton Warrior
Stat Point: Vit

Lvl 10:
Skill Point: Skeleton Warrior
Stat Point: Vit

Lvl 11:
Skill Point: Clay Golem
Stat Point: Strength

At this point, you should be able to just start rocking and rolling. Moving forward shouldn’t be a problem so start by maxing out Skeleton Warrior, then max out Skeleton Mastery. I’d move onto your curses (make sure to get Decrepify as soon as it becomes available), then Poison Nova. PN is really for hell, as that’s where the health regen will be really noticeable.

Make sure on all act bosses to start using decrepify. This is the only curse to use on a boss. It will make all the difference. Also, don’t be afraid to recast your golem. I like to throw him around. He’s cheap, and he loves to slap people silly.

After here, it’s pretty simple. Just go at whatever pace you can manage. If you’re familiar with necro’s, you can cruise faster then those that aren’t. I was soloing a4 hell by clvl54, which most couldn’t do. Just take it easy. If you are having a hard time leveling, but can’t move forward, go into a public game and kill kill kill. I usually start in a public game, get to level 10, then go solo.

Try to get your act2 might merc (nightmare/offensive) merc as soon as possible. If you play with friends, that rush you into nightmare, get into a2 and hire a merc close to your level, then go back to areas with monster’s whose level is close to yours. Merc’s experience sharing is tied directly to the lvl of the monsters your fighting!

Cube Recipes

Upgrade your weapon. Item changes base stats (dmg / str req / dex req)
Normal Weapon to Exceptional Weapon: 1 Ral Rune + 1 Sol Rune + 1 Perfect Emerald + Normal Unique Weapon = Exceptional Version of Weapon
Exceptional Weapon to Elite Weapon: 1 Lum Rune + 1 Pul Rune + 1 Perfect Emerald + Exceptional Unique Weapon = Elite Version of Weapon (Ladder Only)

Upgrade your armor. Item changes base stats (def / str req)
Normal Armor to Exceptional Armor: 1 Tal Rune + 1 Shael Rune + 1 Perfect Diamond + Normal Unique Armor = Exceptional Version of Armor
Exceptional Armor to Elite Armor: 1 Ko Rune + 1 Lem Rune + 1 Perfect Diamond + Exceptional Unique Armor = Elite Version of Armor (Ladder Only)

Mess up and slip in a chipped skull into your bonehew? Take it out!
Unsocket Your items: 1 Hel Rune + Scroll of Town Portal + Any
Socketed Item = Unsocket that item

Useful tip on Cursing and controlling
If you shift click, there is no need to lead your minions. They will think that you are walking. Actually you have to fool your minions. If you shift+click where you want them to go, and immediately set a small step in the correct direction, they will run ahead of you to that point.

I think I’ve covered it all. Now after you read all of that (and if you didn’t go to bed with no desert) and are still have questions, here are some tips:
1. Read the stickies in the Necromancer forums, or try the other forums (community / statistics / Newcomer)
2. Look through the posts already up. Dig back a page or two. You’ll learn more from reading then from asking. If you hold your cursor over a thread topic, you’ll see an excerpt from the original post, giving you a clue if it’s the exact same as what your about to post.
3. There is a “search†function. Try looking there.

I add these things because the frequent requests we get for the same old information that’s been asked 100000 times. If all those don’t work, post.

thanks to:
Mad Mantis
*All the necro forum members who helped tweak this last night

Extreme thanks to purediablo.com / our necro forum members / our necro-mod / Nightfish for his original cb build / beatboxer for his encyclopedia necromantica




Oct 28, 2003
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Note: I just, accidentally, erased my entire post *sigh*

Hey gvan, I'm posting as Rewen atm, for silly reasons, but this is Bb, Hey.

Your guide is pretty good, but Nightfish has pretty much cornered the market on the skelliemancer. Your guide covers things abit differently and adds a little more info in certain areas but I'm not sure we need two skelliman guides stickied. We'll see what the posters and Dk thinks...

To insure we're not reapeating ourselves, you might want to link info to existing sources (such as Nightfish's guide, my Handbook, or where ever) on certain topics and just eleaborate on what's not allready contained in the current stickies and guides if possible. We'll see just how many get reposted soon though.

From a guide writers standpoint you did a good job formatting your info. I see a few rough spots but those are almost mandatory with new guides and I'm sure you'll end up working those out if you decide to update this much.


Jun 22, 2003
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Rewen said:
Thanks for the info. This wasn't intended to take away from nightfish, or any of the other stickied threads. How this started, was that I found myself, necrochild, and mad mantis replying to 10+ posts per day (sometimes more) all asking the most basic of info.

when we'd reply like, read the darn stickies, they'd get all discouraged, plus it's not the most considerate reply.

So i just took the info that was posted daily, and slapped it all together with some of my own insight.

me personally, i can't get to nightfish's guides from here at work (darn firewall), but i've read them at home. I do most of my surfing at work (which sounds bad), and I'm sure others do as well. so I also figured a threaded "guide" of sorts would be beneficial.

thanks again, any suggestions let me know.




Oct 28, 2003
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gvandale said:
so I also figured a threaded "guide" of sorts would be beneficial.

I think so too...good call really. Alot of posters come to our board lookin' for an easy to access answer to a simple question. Not all want to skim through the encyclo or go searchin' through the guides thread, all the time, so I guess they just post. If we had something spellin' out "Skelliemancer's Bibble", I'm almost sure they'd look there first. Akin to "One-stop Hammerdin" post over on the pali board. We cater to need, in a semi-public forum.:)

So, good job and good call man. I stopped answerin' most of those posts after I wrote my handbook. :)



Jun 22, 2003
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It's funny. I never played a necro before 1.10. I actually quit playing diablo for like 9 months (just started 1 month ago). But I had been lurking here like the last 2 months and I the most activity I saw on all of dii.net was on the necro forums.

So I started reading. Nightfish's guide, your encyclopedia, and the other stickies. Then I'd even take it a step further and read the posts that were going up every day, and being answered multiple times daily.

So when I started playing again, up came my necro, and within 2 days...was clvl70+ and mf'ing.

So I'm not "smart" or "good" with necro's. I just know how to read, comprehend, and apply.

gg to you for your enclyco, more people should read it.

Also, I think dumbed down, simple to read things make it easy for the under 18 crowd.




Jul 25, 2003
Actually the www isn't important, I made the above comment before I found out the forums went bye-bye.... sorry :D


Jun 22, 2003
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it's okay. i never use www. when browsing. so sometimes i don't think about it.

it's in the community forums if your looking for it. it's extremely helpful. has different builds, describes the monsters, tc, so on and so forth.


Dec 20, 2003
Few typos I noticed since the other thread vanished and don't know if the author got a chance to read my post.

1. Low lvl Skill allocation - Have a few things backwards, such as taking mastery before anypoints in raise skeleton, its pre-req and taking Corpse explosion with out any points in its pre-req. Seems common sense to most of us, but we all know that there will be people that will start screaming newb!!!111 at ya for such simple things.

2. TalEth is not Smoke, its Stealth.

Just constructive critisism is all ment to help refine the guide a bit more. :xgrin:


Jun 27, 2003
Imperium of Man
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Can i ask was this faq/guide posted before the forum crash or after?

Also that useful tip section Shift + direction was this part of the original guide when first posted ?


Jun 22, 2003
Kansas City, MO
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the original post yesterday was 1 thing. then as people added info, and helpful comments (like the skill of warrior every 3 levels instead of 5) and the shift click was added last night after reading some of mantis' posts.