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Real Noobies still out there


Jun 23, 2003
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Real Noobies still out there

Well here's a fun little story,

I was just doing some runs to find key sets with my recently noneladderized bowzon.(Getting the torch is about the only thing left for me to to with this game, wont start a ladder3 account). So I am after Nilatak's but instead of dropping me a key set he dropped a Tal's armor. I don't need it and know what it is so I leave it unid. Getting bored with chasing keys I entered a game named The ancients die. A level 71 sorcy was waiting there for help with the ancients. My zon is well decked out so it took a couple of minutes and they were all dead. After the quest done, I say to the sorcy come to town I have something for you. I put the Tal's armor in the trading screen and press the checked trade button. Funny, it took her a while before accepting the trade and after that asked me what it was and if it was good :lol: .

It was nice to be able to find people that are still new to the game and still sport some kind of naiveness/not blasé attitude.


Jun 23, 2003
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Sup Eric.

I wish I was so lucky when I first started playing in 1.09. :p

I don't think I'll start ladder unless they add ladder only content which I don't see happening any time soon.

I took those defensive charms with life and finished my cleric/hammerdin. I have over 2.5k life no bo and replenish 65 life every 2 seconds. Then I have passive replenish in gear of over 30. I wonder if I put insight on my merc will that also stack life replenish as well?
Apr 4, 2005
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thats a nice story..we need more people like you lol. one day he/she will look back and realize what it was and be like..that guy was an idiot for giving out free tal armor. hahah jk
nice jobbbb