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Question regarding charms/equipment for a Dream/Dragon Auradin der

Aug 2, 2005
New York
Question regarding charms/equipment for a Dream/Dragon Auradin

I understand how aura stacking and such works. I have already decided on my skill allocations. My real problem is what type of GC's to use. I mean isn't it best to use defensive GC's? An Annihilus + hellfire Torch will add 4 skills (that can get me 24 conviction if i get 20 convic). That added to 9 defensive charms will add a lot more dmg to the auras. True?

Also, other than the main items i have thought of:
Amulet: Mara's
Rings: ???
Belt: Verdungo's?
Gloves: ???
Boots: Eth Trek's?

I would also like to add, if I am dueling, isn't it better to not invest into smite or vengeance? Maybe invest into charge so if I luckily ram a teleporter it'll deal damage? Since most people tele or ww at close range. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks again.


Jun 26, 2003
Columbia, MD
For charms - it depends on if you are dueling or not ...

If dueling, you need to make sure that you have a higher conviction than an opponent, so you will need offensive aura charms.

If not dueling, get life charms with second mods. Resist is good for opponents w/ conviction. max dam is good if you plan on zealing or charging. faster run walk is great too

for other eq ...

highlords is great if you need the breakpoint. if you're good on ias, then go w/ the maras

rings - i use a ravenfrost (cbf) and a dual leech since I zeal. If you don't need the mana leech, go w/ the bk ring - life is great and the skill never hurt either

gloves - i use dracs since I love lifetap. if you need ias breakpoints, go w/ ik gloves and boots together.



Apr 23, 2004
Sydney, Australia
Defensive GC's are pointless, as +skills doesn't count as synergy points. Only hard skill points invested in the Resist Auras/Salvation will increase you Dragon/Dream damage.

The best charms for pvp dreamers are AR chamrs (preferably with dmg and life too) if vs Melee, or elemental dmg charms if versing only casters.